Narenjestan Qavam is an astonishing traditional house in the city of Shiraz. It is in the old region of the city and is only 400 meters away from Nasir-ol-Molk (or the pink) Mosque. Narenjestan Qavam Garden was presented to Shiraz University in 1966 after being restored and has been kept under its supervision since then.

The fire has been sacred in Iranian culture. By the ancient Zoroastrian belief, fire is purifying and has the most veneration. On this pretext, before Nowruz, the Persian New Year, Iranians have some fire celebration rituals that one of them is Chaharshanbe-Suri, last Tuesday on the year: The fire jumping festival. People fire bushes in

Part Three The Stars Valley: like Chahkooh, the Stars Valley is also one of the most highlighted attractions in Qeshm. According to the locals, the Star Valley is a place where once a star hit the ground and made such an outstanding beautiful canyon…but the truth is that the difference between the resistance of the

Part Two Other than the cave, “Chahkooh” is amazing as well. It is better to visit Chahkooh only with someone who knows the place. You can climb the canyon and you can get to the top, but it’s hard to find your way alone. Chahkooh Valley is truly a gem on the natural beauty of

Part One You can get amazed by the part of Zagros Mountain reaching the southern seas of Iran, being deformed in a spectacular way left us a number of erosions called Qeshm Island Geopark. this geopark is globally recorded as a UNESCO Heritage. It is the largest island in Iran, in the shape of a

Part Three Drinks Tea and mostly black tea is the main drink, in fact, it is not consumed only during breakfast, but also throughout the day. It is also possible to prepare a particular drink at home, which can also be bought packaged, based on carbonated water, yogurt and added natural flavors (dùgh). In addition

Part Two The Main Meals The main meals are lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Sometimes the Iranians make snacks based on tea or fruit. Especially with regard to fruit, they do not have the habit of eating it in basic meals, but they are used to nibbling dried fruit and nuts, especially during the evening snack:

Part One Mythology and Ancient Documents You can trace typical Iranian cuisine back to the earliest documents, such as the “myths of Zahak” and before that. In the legends, the art of cooking was related to the demons. But the oldest manuscripts about Iranian culinary history dates back to the Sasanian empire (224 to 651

We suggest that for seeing the variety of lifestyles in Tehran, you go to uptown and see how people spend time. The most important point in traveling to Iran is visiting people who try their best to offer you their help and kindness… In case you intend to get to know the daily life of

Fire in Avesta*1 has a special role because it is the symbol of life and love. The ancient Iranians burned a fire at all their festivities, and they worshiped Ahuramazda*2 on this pretext. However, the most important ceremony in which they paid homage to their God used to be “Sadeh”. They believed that at this