Puppet House


You are going to have a different experience in this accommodation. You will sleep somewhere that gets you back to your childhood memories or makes you experience a new one by being close to puppets! In days we see children playing with puppets and join them watching the puppet show and in nights we gather, play instruments, sing, laugh and talk about everything including our childhood, the most forgotten part of our being.

You will have many options by choosing this accommodation:

1. Learning about the history of puppet show and enjoy watching an example.

2. Knowing about and visiting Kashan in the view of a child

3. Visiting the places where handicrafts in Kashan are produced

4. Being on many other tours in Kashan such as rustic, cultural and architectural, musical and…


YardSuitable for EventsEnglish-Speaking Craft
Local Inhabitants


Check In12:00 pm
Check Out12:00 pm


Puppet House-room 1

Puppet House Room 1

17m2    x2    x2

Puppet House- room 2

Puppet House Room 2

19m2    x4    x4

Puppet House- room 3

Puppet House Room 3

17m2    x3    x3

Puppet House- room 4

Puppet House Room 4

12m2    x2    x2

Puppet House- room 5

Puppet House Room 5

13m2    x2    x2

Puppet House- room 6

Puppet House Room 6

18m2    x4    x4


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