One of the best and different experiences of traveling to Iran is visiting the Armenian region of Jolfa. Armenian people living in Isfahan have been sent from Jolfa area in the northwest Iran, near Azerbaijan border, by Shah Abbas’s command in order to be protected. This happened around 1600 AD and in 1604 Armenians inhabited

What is Brass? The combination of Copper and Zinc result in a practical alloy called Brass, known for its yellowish warm tones that can flicker like Gold. The proportions of the copper and zinc make many different kinds of Brass with various attributes. Basic modern Brass is 67% Copper and 33% Zinc. The usage range

Art instead of Industry Although in the past, Pottery has been known as an industry, now in modern society it is known as art. And although, there is considerable information in relation to Iranian ancient pottery, there are very few documents and written information of ceramics from the Qajar era until contemporary time. At the

  Iran has been referred to as the “axis of evil”. Since the former US President George W. Bush’s tweets and speeches, there are lots of false rumours and also wrong references about Iran that we strongly suggest you to reconsider. In a world where people count on comments more than facts, it is essential

I have traveled many times to Kerman, this wondrous city of diverse natural sites. This time I was determined to visit one of the eleven Qanats, a construction inscribed by UNESCO in 2016 as a World Heritage Site. It is indeed one of the greatest experiences I had in Iran visiting the Qanat of Gowhar-riz

Shazde Garden (Persian: Bāgh-e Shāzdeh) meaning Prince’s Garden is a historical Persian garden and the greatest one in Iran, located near (6km away from) Mahan in Kerman province, Iran.  May 15th We bought Falude Kermani, an especially cool and sweet dessert made of semi-frozen syrup consisting of sugar and rose water, a bit different version

Rudkhan Castle ( also Rood-khan Castle) is a medieval castle made of brick and stone, located in 25 km southwest of Fuman, a city in Gilan province. We camped at night in Fuman so we can have the early walk to the castle. It rained a little bit during the night, making the sky clear

March 15th Finally, I arrive at Tehran. It took me several hours to get to my place from the airport, for the city was filled with people out there in the streets. Some with shopping bags in hands, some hand in hand and some pointing to things with their hands. “It is near Nowruz. People

Fin Garden, known as BĀḠ-e FĪN, Bāḡ-e Šāh-e Kāšān and Bāḡ-e Šāh-e Fīn, a royal garden at about one parasang to the southwest of the city of Kāšān, where subterranean waters from the Dandāna and Haft Kotal mountains emerge to form the Fīn springs. Quote from Iranica They say it was first constructed during the