Suvashun main


Suvashun traditional house is an old building began hosting guests after its restoration. It has a very calm and celestial atmosphere suitable for those who seek quietness in a cozy and warm place.
Suvashun is located downtown, very close to the historical sites, such as Narenjestan Ghavam, Nasirolmolk mosque, Shah Cheragh Harem and Zinatolmolk house. It also serves free coffee and tea.



YardEnglish-Speaking CraftHowz (Iranian Pool in Yard)
Scanner / Printer


Check In12:00 pm
Check Out12:00 pm


Suvashun room 1


Suvashun no 1

20m2    x2    x2

Suvashun room 2

Suvashun no 2

12m2    x2    x1

Suvashun room 3

Suvashun no 3

27m2    x2    x2


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