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Planned and performed by experts and learned people in the field of geology, this type is for those travelers who love the strangest experiences possible and the most breath-taking natural phenomena.  

Iran has unique geological features. Its plateau consists of two high mountain ranges and two vast deserts: Zagros, the longest mountain range, which appeared under the pressure of Saudia plateau and Alborz range in the north, and two desert areas, Lut and the Dasht-e Kavir, full of sandy dunes, Yardangs, and gorges made of erosion. The various type and layers of sediments all around Iran are extraordinary. Moreover, two huge salt domes in the center and in the south and two vast volcano areas in the southeast and northwest have caused many geological phenomena… 


Hero Alisadr Cave Hamedan

Alisadr Cave

Daily Excursion to Alisadr Cave   Season All around the year  Start Tehran at 8:00-You will be collected at your
per person
Mount Damavand Iran Daily Tours

Damavand Sightseeing

Daily Excursion Around Damavand Mount   Season All around the year  Start Tehran at 9:00- You will be collected at
per person
Hero. Maranjab

Maranjab Desert

Daily Excursion to the Maranjab Desert    Season All around the year  Start Kashan at 9:00-You will be collected at
per person
Hero Salty Dome Hormuz

Qeshm Geo-Park & Hormoz

  The Fascinating Geo-Park of Qeshm and Hormoz Island The Route is: Tehran ✈ Qeshm ? Hormoz ? Bandar-Abbas✈ Tehran/Dubai
7 Days
Hero Geotour Iran

The Geo-Archaeo Face of Iran

Gate of Nations is proud to be the first Iranian tour operator to focus on Geo-tours and the geomorphological features
15 Days