Welcome to Kashan

While traveling around Iran, if you have a road trip from Tehran to Isfahan and vice versa, you will pass Kashan; do pay a visit. This city is only 2 hours away from Tehran.

Kashan is in the middle of the way of Tehran to Isfahan.

This city is one of the most important touristic cities of Iran and almost all the tourists visit the city even if shortly. Kashan is a city in the Province of Isfahan and according to statistics, the population was more than 304.487 in 2016.

In the historical and geographical documents belonging to early years of Muslim conquest of Iran, Kashan is mentioned as a small city located in the connecting way of North to South and also a city in communication with the Silk Road, all of which turned it into an industrial city. Even the Mongols’ raid didn’t destroy it completely and it was repaired after a while and revived. By building pavements which connected it to the Silk Road in Safavid Era, the city thrived much; merchants and kings sojourned and camped there several times which again caused its further prosperity. This power remained until Qajar Period but competition in textile industry caused the decline of Kashan.

The most striking attractions in Kashan include: Abyaneh Historical Village, Niasar, Qamsar Village, Fin Garden, Borujerdi House, Tabatabaei House, Sialk Hill of Kashan, Agha Bozorg Mosque and the Bazaar of Kashan.


  • Tips on How to Reach Kashan:


You can go to Kashan in different ways. While having a road trip from Tehran to Isfahan, you can get to Kashan after passing Qom. On the way from Isfahan to Tehran, Kashan is located after Natanz. We suggest that you go to Qamsar village if you’re traveling in spring in late May and watch the ceremonies of getting rose water. Each year with the blossoming of rose flowers in Qamsar and Kashan, many people travel there to watch the ceremony of extracting rose water. But plan in a way that after visiting all sites, you would be able to go to the near villages. Don’t miss visiting the historical village of Abyaneh. It is one of Iran’s oldest villages still preserving its beautiful and traditional region.

Must Experience 

Local People of Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh Historical Village has long been a study site for anthropologists. Because of its remoteness and isolation from the main roads, this village has still kept its old architecture, and culture including language, customs, and clothes. The architecture of the houses in the village is fascinating, they are terraced and all covered with a lump

Must See

The Famous Houses of Kashan; The Tabatabai Family

Visiting the traditional houses of Iran leads you to the depth of the lifestyle of the past. Tabatabaei House in Kashan is one of them. Close to the Borujerdi House in Kashan is an old house which is known as Tabatabaei. This magnificent house was the residence of the Tabatabai family. Every detail of the

Borujerdi House

Do not miss visiting the historical houses while getting around Kashan.Borujerdi House of Kashan is now the Tourism Management Office of Kashan. This historical house was appointed by UNESCO Convention as the most beautiful historical house of an Asian Country in 2015. It was built late in Qajar period in 1875 AD. The most significant