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Shiraz is the capital of Fars Province which is located in the south of Iran. The geographical position of this city is in Mediterranean climate which causes warm days and seasonal heavy rains. Shiraz is generally known as the city of poetry. The tombs of two eminent poets of Persian literature named Hafez and Saadi lie in this city. In the past it was also known for its wine but drinking and trading wine is illegal in the laws of the Islamic Republic; so other countries of the world started producing wine with the brand of Shiraz.–Shiraz in the History of Iran: By searching through history, scientists and researchers believe the word Shiraz was derived from different words like Tirazis and Shirazis.

The source of this believe was the discovery of ancient coins or tablets that talks about a city with the same name which was located at the present city of Shiraz. In 1970, while building a kiln for a brick factory in the southwest of Shiraz, clay tablets from Elamite period (2000 BC) were found that mentioned a city at around the same location named Tirazis. In fact, historians believe that there was a city in the southeast of Shiraz with the name of Aboonasr, over which the present city of Shiraz was built after being deserted. In Umayyad era, Shiraz was moved to its present location and caused the old city of Estakhr to be deserted. Scientists like Shahbazi believe that up to the end of Sasanian Period, Shiraz had probably been an official center.

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Must Experience 

Eating in Haft Khan Restaurant of Shiraz

The people of Shiraz care a lot about good food. That’s why there are lots of restaurants with a high variety of food in this city. Haft-khan restaurant is one of the best places. Before this and while talking about the old region of Shiraz, we recommend that you have your meals in Haft Khan

Persian Garden or Paradise

In Shiraz, you can experience walking in many samples of what is known as Persian Garden, or Paradise: Eram Garden, Narenjestan Qavam Garden. Iranian garden is known as Pardis (Paradise) or Ferdows in Persian literature. These gardens have certain characteristics: 1- Being on the pathway of a brook, Qanat, or small fluent river. 2- Being

Reading and being Exposed to the poems of Hafez

Come to the tomb of Hafez in Shiraz and ask someone there to read and translate some verses from this great Iranian poet.   Shiraz and Hafez are tied together in the pathway of history and in Iran when talked about Shiraz, Hafez is reminded too. The majority of his poems are Ghazal, mostly composed

The Bride of Shiraz; Narenjestan Qavam Persian Garden

Narenjestan Qavam is an astonishing traditional house in the city of Shiraz. It is in the old region of the city and is only 400 meters away from Nasir-ol-Molk (or the pink) Mosque. Narenjestan Qavam Garden was presented to Shiraz University in 1966 after being restored and has been kept under its supervision since then.

Must See

Pasargadae Garden

According to what archeologists have found, there used to be a garden in Pasargadae that was built on the command of Cyrus the great.  The remnants of streams and the passing of a small river along the historical area of Pasargadae is a proof for this hypothesis. The experts have located the first garden in

The Mesmerizing Pink Mosque

If you want to travel to Iran, you should know that mosques built in different periods in our country are among the most significant attractions; but in Shiraz, there is an example of these mosques that have intertwined people and divinity with its colors and lights. It sparkles like a diamond with its pink tiling

The Welcoming Gate of All Nations in Persepolis

The Western Portal for the historical site of Persepolis is called the Gate of All Nations. As understood from the name of this portal, which was in fact a roofed iwan, it was the entrance place for kings, royalty, and visitors of the Achaemenid kings. Persepolis has three portals and you enter from the Western

Visiting Tomb of Saadi, the Shirazi Poet

Saadi of Shiraz is the title of the Shirazi poet from the 13th century. He became interested in religion, knowledge, and research in his adolescence and left Shiraz to acquire knowledge in Baghdad. He got under the influence of his masters and went on long journeys. Most of these trips are recorded in his book



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