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The Holy Face of Persia

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    From Ask For Price

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    16 Days 15 Nights

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    Group Size

    Max 23 people

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    Isfahan, Tehran, Kerman, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Mashhad


Be Amazed at the Religious Diversity and the Richness of History in Iran!

16 Days in Iran.

The Route is:

Tehran ๐Ÿš‚ Mashhad โœˆ๏ธ Ahvaz ๐ŸšŒ Shiraz ๐ŸšŒ Kerman ๐ŸšŒ Yazd ๐ŸšŒ Isfahan ๐ŸšŒ Kashan ๐ŸšŒ Tehran

  • Season: September to June
  • Start: Tehran
  • Finish: Tehran
  • Duration: 16 days
  • Group Size: 1 – 23
  • Style: Classic, homestay
  • Hotel Rate: 3
  • vehicle: Normal Sedan, luxury Sedan, 4 wheel drive, van, minibus, middle bus, bus





  • Visit the palaces and museums in Tehran, attributing to the late Persian dynasties.
  • Stop by 11 UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Discover the great religious monuments in Eastern Iran.
  • Get to know the most important Persian poet of all time, Ferdowsi.
  • Get exposed to the effects of the Iran-Iraq war on culture.
  • Walk in one of the most ancient cities of Persia, Bishapur.
  • Get to know about Arab invasion and its impacts on the Sassanid dynasty.
  • Visit Shiraz, the land of peace and poetry.
  • Stay with a friendly Zoroastrian family in Yazd.
  • Visit a famous Zoroastrian shrine glimmering in the middle of a vast hill.
  • Marvel at the grandeur of Kaluts in Shahdad desert.
  • Get lost in the beauty of the old houses of Kashan.
  • Explore Qom, home to Shite clergymen and religious schools.



Iran is, for sure, not a touristic country. There is no โ€œtourism industryโ€ working in Iran, publicizing any of its countless tourist attractions. It is a responsibility all Iranians should undertake, and we, a drop in this ocean, are proud to represent a country with the capacity to amaze you in every aspect imagined: aestheticism, adventure, historical awareness, and, most wonderfully, hospitality and kindness of the local people. Here, in this very experience that we will have together, the main themes are holiness, diversity of creeds and religious rituals, along with other natural and adventurous discoveries that add more excitement to this long journey.

After Tehran, traveling on a train to Mashhad on the second day is one of the most important points of the trip. Mashhad, as a religious city, is the first destination for Persian pilgrims to visit the holy shrine of 8th Shiite Imam, for this very reason you may be welcome by many Iranians on the train. The tomb of Ferdowsi in Tus is the best place to tell you the story of the survival of the Persian language thanks to Ferdowsiโ€™s poetry after Arabsโ€™ invasion 1000 years ago. Taking the flight to the southeastern part of the country will make you know a region famous for its Oil excavation by British P and eight years of war between Iraq and Iran. You will be also astonished at how the British culture has affected the area and will understand how people tried to make their country safe during the war, the effects of which you can still find in the city of Khorramshahr. Driving through the southern part of mount Zagros will lead us to the ancient city of Bishapur, inspired by Romans patterns, and the remnant of a prison belonging to Valerian the Elder a Roman Emperor. Shiraz, famous for a kind of poetry originating from 13 and 14 century by Saadi and Hafiz and diversity of food and restaurant, makes you feel sedated and reposed. Kerman, the next attraction, invites you to an adventure. Based on the season of your journey, you will be able to visit the desert, the famous Kaluts of Shahdad called the small Grand Canyon of Iran. Moreover, you will see how the people of Kerman survived from a massacre during the Qajar dynasty. Walking in the clay alleys in Yazd, the only city of Iran the whole of which is inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list, is an experience you will never forget. And the last city which is shining in the history of Persia, Isfahan, welcomes you to hugs you in its hands. Two days full of architectural wonders, each has a hidden story in its bosom. This trip will end in Tehran but before departing you will pay a visit to Qom, a religious city and the holy shrine of the sister of the third Shia Imam.



Processing visasย 

International Flights. (depends on your origin the price might have some changes)

Domestic Flights

Accommodation at Local Homestays or traditional Hotels with breakfast


Entrance fees

Train ticket

Transfers from/to/from airport

Air condition coach (depending to the no. of pax)

Highly qualified tour leader

1 meal with Zoroastrian Family

Not Includeย ย (This should be paid separately)
  • All the Personal Expenses
  • (Lunch & Dinner are optional)



payment policy
  • These prices are in Euro.
  • These prices are for per person in double rooms.
  • 20% will be added for single supplement to package price
  • 10% will be reduced for the 3rd person in TRP Rooms.
  • These prices are for BB (bed & breakfast) accommodation
  • These price includes a guide-Driver.

ย  ย  ย  The first & last day of the programs depends on your flight time, so the necessary changes will be made accordingly.

ย  ย  ย  This itinerary can be tailor-made according to your interests.

ย  ย  ย  Possibility of all the visits depends on the week days and flight and train time.


Welcome to Iran, a land full of wonders. Your guide who accompanies you during this trip will welcome you at the IKA airport with a bunch of flowers. IKA airport is located in the southern part of Tehran alongside a highway connecting Tehran all the way to the Persian Gulf in the south of Iran. On the way to Tehran, you will see the tomb of the leader of the Islamic revolution, Khomeini, who passed away in 1989. Depending on the time of arrival, you will go to your hotel or we can start a full-day experience in Tehran. After visiting the National Museum Designed by Andre Godard French Architecture, we will walk to the Golestan Palace, founded by the Qajar kings and also the palace of the Pahlavi kingdom coronations. Inside the Bazaar, you will have the experience of visiting the smallest teahouse in Iran. For lunch, we recommend you to eat in a famous local restaurant providing such delicious dishes that deserves its long queue. Jewelry museum is the next destination*. In the evening, either you can visit Milad tower, or go to your hotel and rest to be ready for tomorrow and our journey, travel to Mashhad by night train.

You will see:
National Museum, Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar and Jewelry Museum, all in one region.

You will experience:
Having tea in the smallest teahouse in Iran, walking in a region used to belong to the village of Tehran.

You will know:
The history of Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. The development of Tehran from a village to the biggest city of Iran.

IKA airport- Tehran: 40 km

- Visiting Golestan Palace and jewelry museum on the same day is impossible for big groups, so based on their working hours, the visit will have some changes.
- Jewelry museum is open from Saturday to Tuesday 14-16.30
- As for the tea house, only small groups can have the ability to pay a visit.
National Jewelry, Carpet Museum and Darband in north of Tehran and then will go to train station to travel to Mashhad.
Tehran- Mashhad: around 9 Hours
Note: National Jewelry Museum is open on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday at 14-16.30
Ziarat, the tomb of Ferdowsi, Torghabbeh, the Bazaar
Tomb of Prophet Daniel, Susa, Shushtar historical hydraulic system and Choqazanbil temple.
Abadan, Khorramshahr & effect of Iraq-Iran war
Bishapur Ancient city.
Dezful- Bishapur: 510 KM
Karim Khan Citadel, Karim Khan Mosque, The Bazaar, Narenjestan House
Hafiz and Saadiโ€™s (the Poet) tomb.
Excursion to Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargadae, Pink mosque, holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh the Brother of 8th Imam of Shiite.
Shiraz- Persepolis: 60 KM
Persepolis- Pasargadae: 80 KM
Maharlu Lake (Pink Lake), Sasanid remnant Citadel in Sarvestan, A huge gardens of Fig, Neyriz Jomee Mosque, Chopoghi Wind-catcher, Stone Garden in Sirjan.
Shiraz- Kerman: 560 KM
Ganjalikhan Complex (Mosque, Museum and Bath House), Sanati Museum, Stone Museum), Anthropology Museum.
Arge Rayen in Rayen, Shazdeh Garden and Shah Nematollah Vali one of the founder of Sufism in Mahan.
Kerman- Mahan: 105 KM
Zeinoddin Caravansary, having lunch with a Zoroastrian Family, Zoroastrian Fire temple and Tower of silence.
Kerman- Yazd: 360 km
Old part of Yazd, Alexander prison, Amir Chakhmagh mosque and excursion to Chak Chak Temple and Mybod & famous bridges in Isfahan.
Yazd- Chak Chak: 95 KM
Chak Chak- Meybod: 50 KM
Meybod- Isfahan: 270 KM
Atiq Mosque, Main Bazaar, Naqshe Jahan Complex (Ali Qapou Palace, Imam Mosque, Lady Mosque).
Music Museum, Jolfa Neighborhood, Armenian Cathedral and 40 Column Palace.
Natanz Jamee Mosque and Fin Garden and Borujerdi house in Kashan, Ziaret the holy shrine of Sister of Third Imam of Shiite.
Isfahan- IKA Airport: 440 KM


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