Biking in North Iran: Explore Neor Lake, Talesh, and Masouleh

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Biking in Spectacular North

In the Biking in north of Iran ,you will cycle, along with our Professional biking coach and guide, in the fantastic areas of Neor Lake to Subatan, Aghevlar, the Caspian Sea and Fuman all in the main cities of Talesh and Masouleh in the north of Iran.


The Route is:? Ardabil  ✈️ Talesh ? Masouleh ? Fuman? Tehran

Season Spring, Summer, and Autumn
Style Active Tour
Hotel Rate Camping, local house, villa and 4star hotel
Vehicle Depends on the size of the group


Detail Biking in North Iran:

Biking in North of Iran from Neor Lake to Subatan Village is one of the best choices for you to see a lake, forest and a beautiful village on the same trip. You can also enjoy a variety of weather (sunny, rainy, foggy, etc.) during the same day.

You can have your own cycling equipment or rent it from us.

Talesh is a wonderful mountainous area, and its intact nature is a charming place for those who love nature. It is located on 140 km northwest of Rasht, on the southwestern coast of the Caspian Sea. Neor Lake is home to the birds such as; ruddy shelduck and migrant swallows. Sports, fishing and other recreational activities are common and popular among visitors at this lake.

Masouleh is a vertical village in Iran. Masouleh architecture is unique. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masouleh Village does not allow any motor vehicles to enter, due to its unique layout. It is the only village in Iran with such a prohibition. However, the small streets and many stairs simply also wouldn’t make it possible for vehicles to enter.Read more about this unique Village.

The spectacular architecture of Masouleh is well-known as “The yard of the above building is the roof of the below building”.

Yellow clay coats the exterior of most buildings in Masouleh. This allows for better visibility in the fog.


  • Exploring the highlights of Iran’s nature by bicycle
  • Cycling in the mountain, forest, and marine climates
  • Being accompanied by a professional biking coach and guide
  • 5 day-cycling from Talesh to Masouleh- the ancient village of Persia
  • Rural Sightseeing in the fantastic villages of Subatan, Lorahini, and Masouleh
  • Meeting and spending time with the local people
  • Crossing Alborz Range and staying in an unforgettable accommodation in Masouleh
  • Swimming in the Caspian sea


Day 1 :

🕶️ Driving to Neor lake

Welcome to Iran, a land full of wonders. Your guide who accompanies you during this trip will welcome you at the IKA airport with a bunch of flowers. IKA airport is located in the southern part of Tehran alongside a highway connecting Tehran all the way to the Caspian sea in the north of Iran. You would be transferred directly to Neor lake via amazing road in Caspian seashore, the lake is located at the border of Alborz mountains is located 48 km southeast of the city of Ardabil at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level. 600 Km (7 hours) Neor lake with an area of more than 220 hectares, it’is composed of a smaller and a larger basin, which gets connected during the rainy season forming a single lake. The maximum depth of this lake reaches 5.5 meters with an average depth of three meters. We make our first camp close to the lake and rest. You will see: Alborz mountains, Hyrcanian Forest, Caspian sea, the biggest lake in the world, Heiran saddle and Neor lake You will Experience: The traditional food of northern Iran, camping close to the lake You will know: The lifestyle of people in the northern Iran Distances: Ika airport to Neor lake is 600 km (7 hours) Accommodation: Camping

Day 2 :

🕶️ Biking from Neor to Subatan village

From Neor lake, we start to Biking to Subatan Village . in a dusty road continue up hill to saddle and then, a big downhill to Subatan (6 hours biking) . The beautiful landscapes of Subatan and the picturesque sceneries on the way to the place are the main tourist attractions for people who venture into this region. Biking on green pastures, breathing fresh air and enjoying the fresh water of springs are among the main highlights and attractions of Subatan. Subatan is also boasts of delicacies cooked by tribal people.. You will see: The landscape of Neor lake, green hills covered by flowers, clouds and fog in many days and Subatan village and tribal people You will Experience: Biking in a unique region. lifestyle of Talesh tribal people and traditional Subatan Kabab Distances: 20 kilometer uphill and downhill Accommodation: In a local house

Day 3:

Biking from Subatan to Aghevlar village

A full day biking in a dusty road in green hills covered by flowers! crossing some beautiful villages like Lorahoni and enjoy the fresh air and landscape. destination is Aghevlar village, an ancient village in Hyrcanian forest. most the rout is downhill. You will see: Lorahoni village, shaggy flower ray and shepherds with sthe packs You will Experience: Be amazed of the Talesh nature, biking between flowers and the lifestyle of Talesh shepherds Distances: 20 kilometer uphill and downhill Accommodation: villa in Aghevlar

Day 4 :

Biking to Caspian sea

Having a long downhill From Aghevlar villa to Caspian seashores. Biking in an asphalt downhill road through the river and forest to Talesh town and to Caspian sea. Swimming in Caspian sea and enjoy the sunset. You will see: Talesh forest and river, Talesh town and Caspian sea You will experience : Full day biking downhill from Aghevlar forest to Caspian seashores. Accommodation: Villa in Caspian seashores Distances: 50 km downhill

Day 5:


Driving from Caspian sea villa to ancient Masouleh village (2 hours). Masouleh architecture is unique. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. having traditional lunch in Masouleh and biking downhill from Masouleh to Fuman town (45 km DH). Driving back from Fuman to Tehran and rest at the hotel. You will see: Caspian sea road, Foman forest and Masouleh village You will Experience: Be surprised of the culture and nature of Masouleh 45 km biking downhill through forest. Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Tehran

Day 6:

City tour in Tehran

At your last day in Iran, you have a full-day experience in Tehran. After visiting the National Museum Designed by Andre Godard, the French Architecture, we will walk to the Golestan Palace, founded by the Qajar kings and also the palace for the Pahlavi kingdom coronations. Inside the Bazaar, you will have the experience of visiting the busiest market in Iran. Jewelry museum is the next destination*.In the afternoon you would transfer to Ika airport to fly back home. You will see: National Museum, Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar and the Crown Jewels Museum. You will experience: Meet the mixture of modern and traditional way of living in Tehran. Surprising by the amount and size of amazing jewels in the museum. Also you experience how is the Iranians shopping place which called “Bazaar”. You will know: The history of Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. The development of Tehran from a village to the biggest city of Iran. Distance: Tehran to IKA airport is 40km (about 40 minutes) Note: * Visiting the crown jewels museum based on their working day, the museum is open from Saturday to Tuesday 14-16.30

  • Visa authorization number fee.
  • 1 nights in a comfortable 4star hotels 2 nights in traditional house in village.
  • One lunch at the first day and all breakfast lunches and dinners after our trekking.
  • All internal transportation by private bus/ mini bus/ van or normal sedan and off-road car.
  • Airport transfer.
  • Hot water herbal tea and coffee.
  • Expertise of Gate of nation’s travel specialists, tour guide.
  • Fuel and road tolls
  • R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG.
  • International flights
  • Trekking equipment (just some equipment for renting depending on the situation).
  • Extra services at hotel like phone call, laundry …
  • Tips (optional)
  • All foods during trekking must be carried and cooked by yourself.

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