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From Tehran to the Western Iran; Ancient History and Architecture

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    13 Nights 14 Days

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    Isfahan, Tehran, Fars, Yazd, Hamedan, Khuzestan


13 Nights-14 Days in Tehran, Hamedan, Khuzestan, Fars, Yazd, Isfahan
Available in all months, especially from December to May due to a better climate

        – Visiting 50 historical sites only in 14 days!

It is a trip full of surprises in Iran, making you witness the residues of Persia, regarding its Empires, religion, and architecture. Except for international flights, we will be on the roads and drive to the destinations, so that we do not miss any significant attraction. Tehran is the embodiment of Qajar dynasty and Hamedan, Ahvaz, (and Shush, Ize and Shustar on the way) are home to Ancient Persia. Qazvin, Isfahan, and Shiraz are also home to other great and important dynasties: Safavid and Zand dynasties.

       -From Safavids to mythology- architecture, reliefs, and handicrafts

After Tehran we reach Qazvin, the first capital of Safavids. Hamedan is our next destination, where you will learn the rituals of pottery, ant art akin to poetry and mysticism in Iran. After eating a perfect Dizi in Lalehjin, we will pay a visit to an important Achaemenids’ site. Shahrekord, the roof of Iran, is our next destination which will enliven the myths of Shahnama (the most important Persian epic poetry) before you.


  • A History Dating Back to 1250 BC!


Passing Ize, an Elamites city, we will arrive Susa, and Shushtar, the two most important reasons for this trip. In Susa lies the great Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat, dating back to 3400 years ago! Shushtar has a stunning watermill, a mechanism belonging to Achaemenids.


  • Sassanids and Achaemenids


Bishapur, a Sassanid residue awaits you in this trip. After that, Shiraz, the city of poetry and wine is where we will stay and visit the tombs of its great poets. In line with the purpose of this trip, Persepolis and Pasargadae will be the cups of tea: the great embodiments of Achaemenids and Sassanids.


  • The City of Zarathustrianism and Islam


Yazd is the next destination, home to the greatest wind catchers in the world. ؛Faloude؛, a Yazdian sweat, will cool you in this city of soil, adobe and heat (the reason behind the wind catchers). On the way to our last destination, Isfahan, you will witness an old Zarathustrian temple, called Chak Chak. and finally, Isfahan: home to the beauties of Sufism and mysticism- Naghsh-e Jahan, that could be the sole reason for any journey to Iran!


Processing visas (excluding Embassy fee)

Daily bottled mineral water

Coffee or tea in long distance trips

Accommodation at hotels with breakfast


Entrance fees

Transfers from/to/from airport

Air condition coach (depending to the no. of pax)

Highly qualified English speaking tour leader

Taking domestic flights service (excluding charges)

Not Include  (This should be paid separately)
  • Excess luggage by domestic flights (each person can take 20 kilos free)
  • International Flights
  • Iranian Embassy or Consulate Fee
  • Tips to Guide & Driver
  • All the Personal Expenses
  • (Lunch & Dinner are optional)



payment policy
  • These prices are in Euro.
  • These prices are for per person in double rooms.
  • 20% will be added for single supplement to package price
  • 10% will be reduced for the 3rd person in TRP Rooms.
  • These prices are for BB (bed & breakfast) accommodation
  • These price includes a guide-Driver.


Arriving in IKA international airport. (Airport- Tehran 45 KM) (Over Night in Tehran)
Your guide will be in the airport to welcome you and pick you up to the city. Depending on the time of arrival, you can go to your accommodation or start the city tour.
You will visit the National Museum, Abgineh Museum, Golestan complex, the Big Bazaar and probably the Jewelry Museum (Depending on the day of arrival).
(O/N in Tehran)
City tour including the Carpet Museum, Iranian Artists Forum, Saadabad complex and Darband.
We will drive to Qazvin (Tehran- Qazvin: 154 KM) (O/N in Qazvin)
You will have a city tour in Qazvin including Chehel Sotoun Palace, Ali Qapou, the oldest street in Iran and Saed-ol-Saltaneh Complex.
We will go to Hamedan via Lalehjin (Qazvin-Hamedan: 238 KM) (O/N in Hamedan)
On the way, we will visit a pottery workshop in Lalehjin and will visit attractions like Ganj Nameh, Avesina Tomb, Babataher Tomb, Stone Lion and Hegmataneh Hills. You will have a walking tour in the city which is designed by a German engineer.
We will drive to Shahrekord via Arak and khomein. (Hamedan- Shahrekord: 454 KM) – (O/N in Shahrekord)
You will see Medes Temple and a short stop in Arak and Khomein. We can see the place where the founder of revolution in Iran was born.
Depending on your interest, we will have a city tour in Shahrekord and will drive to Ahvaz Via Izeh. (Shahrekord-Izeh: 288 KM, around 5 hours driving) On the way we will visit three important dams called Karoun and Coulfarah and a cave close to the city.
(O/N in Izeh)
Driving from Izeh to Shooshtar and Shoosh (Izeh- Shoosh: 250 KM) O/N in Shoosh or Choqazanbil
Today we will visit three important sites including the water mills in Shooshtar, Choqazanbil Temple and the Achaemenians’ remaining city called Shoosh.
We will drive to Kazeroon to see Bishapour complex. (Shoosh- Kazeroon: 520 KM) (O/N in Kazeroon)
We will visit Bishapour old city and the stories carved around city from the Sassanid Period.
We will drive to Shiraz. (Kazeroun- Shiraz: 143 KM)- (O/N in Shiraz)
Today we will visit some most important sites in Shiraz like Karim khan Citadel, Vakil complex, Narenjestan Garden, Eram Garden, Saadi and Hafez.
You will drive to Yazd via Persepolis and Pasargadae. (Shiraz- Yazd: 440 KM)- (O/N in Yazd)
In the morning, we have to visit the Pink Mosque (for the lighting effects are vivid in this time). After that we drive to Persepolis (Shiraz- Persepolis: 60 KM) and then drive to see Pasargadae (Persepolis- Pasargadae: 78 KM) and then to see Abarkooh old Cypress (Pasargadae- Abarkooh: 166 KM). Finally, we will go to Yazd by car.
We will have a city tour including Jamee Mosque, Old part of The city, Tower of Silence, Markar Museum, Zoroastrian fire temple and Water Museum. (O/N in Yazd)
Today we will drive to Isfahan via Chak Chak Temple and Naein (Yazd- Isfahan: 323 KM)- (O/N in Isfahn)
On the road you will visit Chak Chak (Zoroastrians Temple) and Naein Jamee Mosque. In the evening in Isfahan we will take a walk around famous bridges, Si-o-se pol and khajoo.
Today you will have a city tour include Atiq Mosque, Naqshe Jahan Square, Shah Mosque, Lotfollah Mosque, Ali qapou Palace (O/N in Isfahan)
Today is the last day of our tour and we will visit the Armenian part of the city and Churches and bridges in day and be going to be ready to come back home. Your guide will escort you.
(Isfahan-Airport:30 KM)


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Isfahan, Tehran, Tabas, Yazd

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