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Why Solo Trip?



Why Solo Trip?

Six Reasons you Need to Travel Alone at Least Once


Definitely, it has happened to you that you had a sudden whim to travel, then closed your eyes and imagined yourself in plains and forests, or walking the footsteps of your favorite author in a famous city. We all know it is not easy to travel and there are problems; for example, even if you have enough money and time, it is hard to find a perfect companion. Disagreement is a topic that occasionally turns travel into a bitter memory, so we need to find relationships in which people benefit from common opinions and tastes. Not everyone can find a good companion; thus, they will let go of the dream of traveling forever. Here, we will consider this issue: Is independently traveling sad and troublesome? Or can it be a new chapter in your life, a new way of having fun and making friends? You may not believe it but traveling independently has many advantages which do not cross our minds easily. Just read this article; surely, you can add more benefits to it. Finally, we do not suggest at all that you travel individually all the time, and also we do not say it is easy to travel alone. Definitely, there will be troubles, but we just want you to overcome the fears and obstacles and give it a try.


1- You will get to know yourself more

If you are one of those people who always nag about not doing anything alone or wonder whether they can put themselves together in times of solitude, quickly plan an independent trip. You would finally find a definitive answer to this question whether you are capable of handling matters individually or not, leading to a better knowledge of yourself. An individualized traveling experience will help you see how you can communicate with the strangers alone, make you understand your weak points in socializing, difficult situations and make you realize you need to depend on yourself more than anyone in the world.


2- You will have more self-confidence

Many people disagree with the name of solo journey, but they certainly have not experienced the pleasure of traveling alone. Supposedly, one day, you become a person who has traveled to many countries world alone; it surely gives you a certain sense of pride and your confidence boosts excessively. If you always feel embarrassed to do some work in front of a friend or an acquaintance, you will have a good opportunity to try those things on an individual trip. You have to face the challenges alone and certainly, this will have an impact on your sense of self-esteem.


4. You will not be alone at all

Surely, the biggest dilemma in choosing the solitary journeys is the fear of loneliness; but if you have good and clever choices, you will not feel lonely. For example, try out street foods or talking to local people and use their special restaurants or cafes. Even if you travel to foreign countries, communicate with immigrants or tourists, be sure that they will welcome you. If you tell the tourists that you are traveling alone, they will certainly help you and maybe they will make friends with you. In general, everything goes hand in hand with your own way of communicating with the others.


5. Everything revolves around YOU

If you had to travel with a group of people once for a while, you would certainly know how hard it is to manage a group trip. There is no single group that totally agrees upon the place to go, to stay, to eat, etc. and the leaders spend a lot of time to coordinate the travelers. One of the great benefits of a solo journey is that everything revolves around you paving the way for your dreamy destination and wishes. If you are interested, lie on the beach for three days and nobody will disturb you. Some people should visit several important attractions during the trip, but you do not have such a compulsion at all, so it will not bother you again. Even if you wish to have a room that is only three square meters, no one will disagree with it. When you travel alone, you can eat whatever you want and go to any place you have had in your mind; all you need to get the highest pleasure from your holidays.


6. Planning is lot easier

We all have a list of cities that we are interested in traveling to and we prefer to go to special attractions in every city. In the meantime, we will consider a special budget for our trip and sightseeing, and we strive to make the most of it and enjoy it. Perhaps, sometimes, we do not have anyone whose ambitions are like ours and we have to go on a journey alone, but that is not bad. If you get to travel alone, you should be the first and last priority, and you have the chance of not considering other people’s decisions at all. Be firm in your decisions, everyone just lives once and you deserve the best experiences. Choose your destination and the time and start packing as soon as possible.


7. You care about yourself and the purpose of life

In today’s frenzied world, with the advent of technology, we have less time to care for ourselves. Solo traveling is a good opportunity to gain more energy. Being alone on the road and staring at the horizon is a good opportunity to reflect upon your life and your achievements. Appreciate your loneliness, get out of social networks and immerse in yourself a little bit.
In fact, many people’s craving for solo trips is that they wish to become greater people. The great amount of time you have, the silence, the slow speed of life, all make you contemplate upon yourself, nature, people’s lives. Books are great companies in this journey to within.
Also read the summary of a great book about the philosophy of traveling by the Swiss-born British intellectual Alain de Botton in here.

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