Nayeb Ecodologe

Shiraz, Jahrom. This accommodation consists of two separated historical parts, each part belonging to a different dynasty, the Qajar and the Pahlavi, designed and reconstructed in a way to be among the best traditional houses hosting guests and tourists. Near the accommodation exist a beautiful natural resort: two waterfalls called Sarcheshmeh and Khafr. It is

Hafez Ecolodge

Hafez Traditional Guest House, containing 4 private rooms and 2 dormitories and one family room, has been restored in September 2017sustaining its historical features. The house is located in the south part of the city (old part) where you can see the old houses with old families living in and women wearing white Chador instead

Eivan Hotel

Eivan Hotel, lying in the beautiful city of Mahan, possesses 2350 of square meters and belongs to Qajar dynasty in Iran, with the history of 150 years. It was restored and renovated during Pahlavi dynasty and has recently started hosting guests. This hotel/restaurant has only one floor consisting of 15 rooms and suites all around

Farvardin Village

If you are looking for a modern luxurious urban accommodation, forget about us! For Farvardin Village (Dehkadeh Farvardin) is a place that gives its guests the unique pleasure of the calm and quiet atmosphere of an ancient ecolodge. Farvardin Village has maintained the natural and historical characteristics of the area such as the water spring,


Suvashun traditional house is an old building began hosting guests after its restoration. It has a very calm and celestial atmosphere suitable for those who seek quietness in a cozy and warm place. Suvashun is located downtown, very close to the historical sites, such as Narenjestan Ghavam, Nasirolmolk mosque, Shah Cheragh Harem and Zinatolmolk house.

Setayesh Traditional House

In the heart of Shiraz, the city of culture and poem, “Setayesh” traditional adobe house is waiting for you! The history of this property goes farther than 50 years ago. It is a well renovated old building in which, along with modern architecture, the nostalgic sense of old Shiraz has been respected to transmit positive

Bibi Hostel

This property is a beautiful old house in the center of the city, providing easy access to many touristic sites in Tehran. Possessing three floors and a basement, a huge Lobby, antique furniture, Bibi hostel demonstrates the delicate taste of its owners, who are a nice couple living there, and also promises a calm and

Si Rah Hostel

This accommodation dates back to the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran; thus, you can see its traditional construction with a beautiful entrance, colorful glasses used in the windows and a Howz (Iranian small pool) in the yard. Being close to the historical part in Shiraz, Sirah gives you easy access for visiting the Persian gardens, buildings,

Puppet House

You are going to have a different experience in this accommodation. You will sleep somewhere that gets you back to your childhood memories or makes you experience a new one by being close to puppets! In days we see children playing with puppets and join them watching the puppet show and in nights we gather,

Sayeh Saray

The newly renovated building, originally built in the nineteen’s century, is situated in the center of the historical city. With a traditional local ambience, our resort features amenities and services expected by discerning travelers from all over the world. Sayeh Saray Kashan, Iran #foogallery-gallery-19094 .fg-image { width: 150px; } Description The newly renovated building, originally

Fazeli Hotel

The hotel’s main building was built in the late Safavid period and was restored during Qajar and Pahlavi period. Restoration began in 2013 and finally in 2016 the hotel began to work. It is located close to the historical sites and has beautiful traditional architecture which bring the guests back to the time of Persian

Garden House

Khane Bagh Irani is the largest traditional house in Shiraz, lying in the 2000-meter garden in the center of the town. It dates back to Pahlavi dynasty and has started its current function since 1395(2016). Garden House Fars, Iran #foogallery-gallery-19169 .fg-image { width: 150px; } Description Khane Bagh Irani is the largest traditional house in

Saraye Darb Bagh

This accommodation has a beautifully traditional structure, which has been repaired and revived by hands of Iranian architectures during recent years. It welcomes tourists from all around the world. Besides mini bar, breakfast, heating and cooling systems, the rooms have also safety boxes and the restaurant serves guests with delicious Iranian dishes. Saraye Darb Bagh

Gandom Beryan

Built in 2000, this ecolodge in the city of Shahdad provides a great opportunity for those who are interested in visiting one of the most beautifull deserts in the world, Kalut-of-Shahdad. Gandom Beryan Kerman, Iran #foogallery-gallery-19202 .fg-image { width: 150px; } Description Built in 2000, this ecolodge in the city of Shahdad provides a great

Ame Robab

This beautiful simple place belongs to three generation of rural lives, Ame Robab (Aunt Robab), her daughter and her grandson who runs the accommodation now. After years of living in the city, he decides to come back to his birthplace where he feels he truly belongs to and extends her grandmother’s house by building it

Maymandmand Ecolodge

Meymand is an intact environment, getting shaped in an interaction between people and nature. The village was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list at 39th session of the Committee, Bonn, Germany, regarding its culture Maymandmand Ecolodge Yazd, Iran #foogallery-gallery-19235 .fg-image { width: 150px; } Description Meymand is an intact environment, getting shaped in

Sana House

This traditional house has the structure endemic in the central arid cities of Iran, which are Kashan and Yazd: a great pit is dug in the center of the yard and used as a garden, so that the place is cool in the warm seasons. This Iranian garden pit has added to the beauty of