Accommodation in Iran ranges from luxury international class 5-star hotels in the big cities and main tourist resorts to small rooms in mosaferkhunehs – basic hostels or guest houses.

It is now much easier to book hotels in Iran online than it used to be several years ago.

Choose from our listing of hotels in Iran including hotels in Tehran, hotels in Isfahan, hotels in Kish, hotels in Mashhad, hotels in Shiraz, hotels in Yazd and hotels close to Imam Khomeini International Airport just outside Tehran.

Nayeb Ecodologe

Description Shiraz, Jahrom. This accommodation consists of two separated historical parts, each part belonging to a different dynasty, the Qajar and the Pahlavi, designed and reconstructed in a way to be among the best traditional houses hosting guests and tourists. Near the accommodation exist a beautiful natural resort: two waterfalls called Sarcheshmeh and Khafr. It

Hafez ecolodge

Hafez ecolodge Tehran, Iran 439633309 272097 770x534439633309 272097 770x534439635797 275026 770x534439635797 275026 770x534445221302 273021 770x534445221302 273021 770x534446531607 171739 770x534446531607 171739 770x534446622892 65335 770x534446622892 65335 770x534448412189 38441 770x534448412189 38441 770x534Untitled 1 770x534Untitled 1 770x534 Description Hafez Traditional Guest House, containing 4 private rooms and 2 dormitories and one family room, has been restored in September 2017sustaining