We are an aspiring team dedicated to enriching some moments of your life and making you memories you will never forget. Gate of Nations is named after a famous gate to Persepolis, the 2500-year-old Persian monumental site. It was used to host people from all different countries during ceremonies and special gatherings.

         We are a tour operator company based in Kiel, Germany, with an office in Tehran, Iran. Our team consists of a young group of strategists, experts, and performers of tours and other services in the field of tourism, with the destinations of mostly Germany, Iran and some neighboring countries. 

Our Mission

to increase your traveling pleasure by:

  • Taking you to lands not fully known and discovered 
  • Telling you hidden stories and letting you have rich experiences
  • Valuing your preferences and customizing your trips
  • Experiencing a wide range of thematic trips

Our Vision

To develop into a unified organization that binds diverse nations and places together to offer a diverse and memorable journey as we are holding the name of “Gate” to the Nations.

Our Team

Masoud Esmaeeli


Masoud Esmaeeli has studied Psychology, yet developed his career in the field of accounting and financial accounting. He pursued this aim by cooperating with Tehran Canon and being a member of their financial team for seven years.
In 2011, he emigrated to Germany; learned German thoroughly and started expanding his knowledge of accounting and finance. He, eventually, enrolled in tourism management, where he has set his ambition, along with courses in trade and business management. All of them made him stop cooperating with Minol in Stuttgart and founding Gate of Nations in 2018.
Music is also a field in which he has found interest. He plays the piano and knows Persian Traditional Radifs (the collection of old Persian melodies).

Direct Contact :  [email protected]

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Sajjad Ezati

Tour Manager

Sajjad Ezati has been working in the tourism industry since 2012. He is educated in Tourism Management and continued his learning by participating in tour guiding and travel agency technical managing courses. Also, He started learning German after completing his English studies. His depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for Iran and its culture was fuelled by an interest in knowing people and a passion for continuous learning based on curiosity about the world. He worked in various positions in the travel and leisure industry and nothing would stop him to increase his abilities and developing his knowledge. Once, one of his customers said something about him and maybe it’s the best sentence to describe him: “Sajjad demonstrated himself to be modest, professional and extremely well organized”.
Sajjad is also trained in singing traditional music of Iran and a professional mountain climber for 15 years.

Direct Contact : [email protected]

Iraj Sebghati

Tour Leader

Iraj Sebghati has been living in Germany for 30 years and has guided tours to Iran for more than 20 years now. All the experiences he has gained through all these years have not only made him know the Germans’ culture and expectations, but also the best way to cope with any kind of difficulties that may occur during all journeys.
Iraj is born in Qazvin, one of the most touristic cities of Iran. His love of and passion for his home land has been with him all the years of his living in Germany and was one of the reasons leading him to choose this profession. He has cooperated with Studiosus, one of the greatest tour agencies in Germany. He has also pursued a career in journalism and writing and trying to write a book about his experiences in Iran.

Direct Contact : [email protected]

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Hamid Rahmani
Product Manager

He has years of experience as a product owner, busi-ness analyst and business developer with over 7 years of experience in the fields of economy, and digital business services. He knows high risk investment meth-ods, project management, procedure management and delivery management. He is a fast-learner who enjoys challenges.

Sahand Habibi
Technical Consultant

He is educated in computer software engineering; has work experiences in web and app designing, and is a constant fan of technology. Technically, Sahand is an expert in DevOps and Open Source. Responsibility, as-suring that users can always access available services, and being always on call are of his greatest qualifications obey-ing the work ethics.

Foad Rezapour
Tour Leader
Mina Rastegar
Tour Leader
Daniel Schmitt
European Tour Consultant
Mahmoud Esmaeeli
Director of the Residence Unit
Abbas Seyedein
Content Manager

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