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Who we are

We are a corporation of experienced and enthusiastic Iranian tour leaders, companions, artists and artisans, who offer you an opportunity to make the tourists another kind of experience: meddling with the warmest people in the world and be safe in the company of them, getting familiar with Persian art and culture in artisans’ workshops and listen to Persian music, while playing live before them. And trying the foods we offer, for we know when and where to make it unforgettable!


Hamid Ghezloo

Tour Manager

It is easy to notice that Iran is not among the most visited countries. That is why everyone who wishes to come to Iran and get to our culture is, in my opinion, our dear guest and we need to, as the host, provide all the means to make him/her enjoy discovering the cultural details.


I know anthropology- it is my academic major. I am a documentary filmmaker-it is among my major interests. Since 2009, I have been training in the field of tour managing, and have great experiences in running historical, adventure and eco-tourism and also tourism marketing. I have been assisting the best tour leaders in Iran and always craving for more experience.

Direct Contact :  [email protected]


Bahare Heidarshenas

Persian Jewelries and handicrafts expert

Nothing is more valuable than a piece of art which still resonates the originality of its birthplace. That is why we have tried to represent a team of great young jewelry artists who have thorough knowledge of the techniques and the material they work with. See Shop in this webpage and get to know them in Brands. We also provide the tourists the means to see and touch the work of local Persian handicraft, in the best places with great qualities and decent amount of money. There are specific tours designed for those who wish to witness the process of creating these handmade pieces closely, or local women weaving carpets or making beautiful embroideries.

I have been designing and hand-making pieces of jewelry, based on brass and ancient Persian motifs, for eight years; studying and researching for the ideas for cheaper and yet a richer work. I have also been helping managers and tour leader to organize tours with themes of handicrafts or even helping individual tourists to buy the best-quality jewelries inspired by Persian art and motifs as souvenirs!  

Direct Contact : [email protected]

Paul Diggory from Britain – visited Iran in 2018

“We are on the plane ready to fly

Thank you again for a fantastic trip, everything went well and not a single day passed without something special.

You are great a company and managed a couple of old people well.”

Daniel Elam & Bart Scott from USA – visited 2015

“We are so happy you joined us on our travels. We wish you many more travels & adventures in the future

… thank you for your excellent music recommendations also.”

Bruce & Thea from Australia – visited 2016

“Thank you for a wonderful and interesting time in Iran.”

who we work with 

The Company of Gate of Nations has provided the opportunity for any cultural, artistic and technological correlations between Iran and Germany. Your Institute or Company can strengthen this international relationship through the facilities we have thus provided for you.

As a member of Verbund Vaihinger Fachgeschäfte e. V. , Deutsch-Iranische Handelskammer e.V. and a collaborator with Deutsche Post DHL, we bring you peace of mind for all negotiations and cooperations with us.

Moreover, we are collaborating with Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, collaborating with Jewelry designers in association with the mentioned organization, and constantly participating in varieties of trade fairs such as Mineralien Fossilien Schmuck- Messe Stuttgart, 2018, and Spiritualität und Heilen Stuttgart, 2019.  We are planning to be present in ITB Berlin, 2019 and "Markt der Völker" 2019, Stuttgart.

We would like to announce that we are cooperating with e-domizil as well, the German organization for better solutions in Online booking services.

Should you have any interest in cooperating with us, or simply wish to spread some ideas, do not hesitate to fill this form or contact us at (+49) 711 91227431 .

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