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Term & Conditions


Dear user, for an optimal use of this Website please read the following statements carefully. Using, signing up to, uploading to and downloading any content of this Website means you have agreed with all the terms and conditions written in here. You are not authorized to use this Website if you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions provided here.

General Conditions

  • This Website is only a bridge between you and other users and members of the Website and doesn’t control or involve in any commitments the hosts, guests and other members have undertaken or going to undertake.
  •  While completing the forms and lists, please make sure you put the information accurately and in its entirety.
  •  The users agree not to do anything leading to negative feedbacks on the Website.
  •  In case of future changes to the rules, procedures and services, this very same page will be updated accordingly.
  •  By using this Website and its service, the users guarantee they are above 18.
  •  Agreement with these Terms and Conditions on behalf of another person signifies the ability of that user to make the absentee bound to the Terms and Conditions.
  •  Gate-of-nations follows the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran and Germany. All the comments and information which do not respect these rules will be deleted.


  •  Carrying passport is mandatory when arriving at the accommodation. Gate-of-nations is not responsible for your neglect.
  • Gate-of-nations will send you emails and texts to let you know of the new posts or events. By signing up you accept the reception of these messages. Should you want to change the settings, please send an email to [email protected] regarding this issue.

The Accommodation

The hosts know and guarantee that all the information concerning their accommodation match the local rules, the owner’s principles, the rules of shared properties, apartment etc., and also agree not to change the price after the reservation by guests. The accommodation must meet the minimum standards of sanity, safety and availability. Moreover, their presence is necessary at the time of arrival or departure of the guests.

The information written or edited by the members will be shown in the Website after confirmation.

The Financial Conditions of Reservation

  •  The hosts have 24 hours to accept or decline the guests’ reservations. After that the reservation will be cancelled automatically and the money refunded.
  • Only hosts are responsible for preparing and giving the accommodation to the guests at the time determined and the Website does not have any commitment.
  •  After confirming the reservation by the owner and completing the payment process, a detailed email will be sent to the guest. In case of cancellation by the guest, whether before or at the time of arrival, the refunded money is according to the cancellation rules mentioned in the information of every accommodation. However, the amount of money dedicated to the Website is non-refundable.
  •  In case the guests do not show up at the time of reservation, none will be refunded to their accounts. However, the accommodation would remain vacant for them.

In case the following statements happen, the guests are authorized to claim their money:

  •  not meeting the minimum standards of an accommodation …
  •  not matching the information listed by the owner, such as the size, number of rooms, etc.,
  •  In case of cancellation by the owner, the guests can choose whether the whole amount of money be refunded to them or be considered as a reservation for the new accommodation selected by them. The owners should know this cancellation will be mentioned in the feedbacks of their page.
  •  Any alterations or corrections in the reservation done by the guests or the hosts will be on their own responsibilities and the Website does not involve in any of this.
  •  In the case the Website cancels any contract, it is in no way responsible to pay any fines to the guests or the owners.

Damages done to the accommodation:

  •  While checking out, the accommodation must be in the same condition it was when the guests checked in. In case any damages are done to the accommodation, or any other property at the accommodation, by the guests or any individuals they have invited or let in with their own permission, the guests are responsible to compensate for the damage.
  •  Claim of the damage will be announced to the guests by the hosts, and the guest will be charged on the issue.

Long Stay without Host’s Satisfaction:

  •  The guests must check out in the time determined while reserving. Otherwise the hosts have the authority to expel them and charge them the twice amount of per night.

Claiming Misbehavior

  • In case of misbehaving (stealing, acting violently, etc.) of the guests during their stay, the host should first call the police and then inform Gate of nations. But the Website is not responsible for any legal measures. Merely their account will be removed from the Website.

Lack of Responsibilities

  • This Website is not responsible for the member’s background and criminal records. Should the Website do a research for their background at its own discretion, it does not have to tell the members for there would be no abusing of the information. In fact the members give the Website this permission to request this preliminary information such as name, date and place of born, email, etc. to prevent crime and felony. It is not also the Website’s responsivity should the contracts face problems and are not based on member’s desires.
  •  The Website does not accept any responsibility for the quality of the lists, properties, hosts, guests, services, trust, honesty, etc.
  •  The Website does not accept any responsibility for the relationships and the interactions you have, or the people you know, through the Website.

The Members must not:

  •  Violate any local, provincial, regional and national law and convention.
  •  Use this service provided here for any purposes such as advertisement that will benefit other parties.
  •  Use the information and pictures of other people without their permission.
  •  Use the information of one’s personal account without one’s permission.
  •  Do any attempt to hack and penetrate the Website, commit forgery or any other fraud.
  •  Cooperate with or persuade others to do any of the statements mentioned above.
  •  The Website is authorized to do investigation and legal prosecution in any of the statements mentioned above.


The team of Gate of Nations tries to keep your private information only within our reach and keep all the information received from you in classified folders and take any measures for your informational safety. However, it is worth mentioning that no single data transferring in internet is without risk of danger; thus, there is no guarantee that the transference of your data would be done totally safely. In case we are aware of any illegal access to your information we will email you immediately so that the necessary measures would be taken.

The Website will use your information (which you have gave us satisfactorily), with total consideration of its privacy, for statistical survey; also the information will be used in case of having connection with you and responding your questions. You can of course change and update them at your will. Please note that the Website is allowed to use and reveal your information in the following cases:

  •  To respond to any claims against the Website
  •  To run the contract between the Website and the members.
  •  In case of some events such as merging the Corporation, selling the shares, bankruptcy, etc.
  •  The company may have to sell some or all of its shares. Your information will be have to be transferred with your prior awareness.
  •  We may use the information you have entered voluntary on the Website, such as name, address, contact number, email, etc., for responding to your requests and questions, providing optimal service, etc. Thus, if you are not willing of such usage of your information, please do not enter them.

Gate of Nation’s regulations about refunding:

  •  In case your choice of accommodation is not available in the time you have reserved it or is cancelled by the hosts, the Website will refund your money fully.
  •  The money will be refunded at most three hours after the customer’s request to the same account from which the payment was done.
  •  The refunded money will be delivered to the very account you have done the payment. The number will be checked with you before the process.
  •  Should you want to change your account number you have to send an email to us regarding this change. You can save this money as credit for your future shopping as well.
  •  The credit you have decided to keep in your user account does not have any expiration date. Moreover, you can ask for your money in cash even after you confirmed that it be kept in your user account. In this case it will be also refunded three hours after your request.
  •  Evidently, the credit you get through introducing this Website to other people is only for reserving accommodation and will not be changed in cash for you.
Should you have any questions or face any problems, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit “Contact us” on the bottom of the page.
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