Iran has a diverse geographical climate in various regions, although there is no extreme climate conditions in Iran. You can visit jungles, mountain range or deserts or beaches almost any time of the year. In winter you can enjoy the warm weather in the desert and central parts of Iran, or go on skiing in the Alborz range. Also, during the summer you can visit western parts of iran and travel through the Zagros mountains.

Our tours are ready for any date suitable to your schedule. Our expert team are by your side to help you arrange the trip you want. Send us an E-Mail and we can offer you many choices for your travel to Iran.

Our package tours are designed for groups of up to 12, but currently, there is no minimum number for our tours. In our tailor-made tours, you can arrange a trip for you and your family at any date that suits your schedule. 

In our tailor-made tours, you can actively participate in arranging your travel. Every aspect of your trip can be arranged suitable to your preferences.

If our pre-arranged itineraries do not cover your needs, if you want to visit certain cities of attractions outside our itineraries, or if you have specific needs like a guide with a language other than English, our tailor-made tours are the best option for you because you can actively participate in arranging every aspect of your trip to suit your specific goals and needs.

Yes. Currently, we can provide you with expert tour guides speaking in German, French, Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish. Please note that requesting a tour guide in a language other than English will affect the cost of your tour.

Yes. You can have a daily tour to visit any site you want. If you submit your request for a daily tour 7 days prior, the tour will be arranged as per your request, but for shorter notices it depends on your request and our abilities at the time. These daily tours require no special equipment or preparations and can be arranged even for one person. There are also pre-arranged one-day tours which you can find on our website. you just need to submit a request for our team to contact you and arrange a tour for you. In our one-day tours too, you can request specific tailor-made tours based on what you want.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel, and just like regular group tours, 

accompanies you and provides you with necessary information and services until he/she returns you safely to your hotel again.

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This very specific category, planned and performed by experts in the field of geology, is for those travelers who yearn for the strangest experiences possible and seeing the most breath-taking natural phenomena in Iran. Here you can read more about our geology tours.

We can assure you that by the expertise of our team you will get the best price for your trip to Iran, both in our Group Tours and in our Tailormade Tours. Some travelers prefer the freedom of being able to arrange their own trip and to be able to decide for themselves the amount they would spend on accommodation or meals or other activities. We encourage you to try our tailor-made tours. This way you will have the benefits of having an expert team as your back-up, and at the same time not to lose time (and in many cases more money) in case of any delay or unexpected event.

In the case of bankruptcy, your payments will be refunded. If the insolvency occurs after the start of the package holiday and if the transportation is part of the package, the return of passengers is guaranteed; because Gate of Nations is insured by R + V Allgemeine Versicherung AG in accordance with § 651r of the BGB.


We cannot say which destinations are the best, for such an answer is deeply rooted in individual taste and point of view. However, we can say what the most popular ones are according to our visitors. You can see the main destinations in our Top Cities and get more familiar with the main and popular attractions. 

There are certain obvious pros and cons to either one. You can save a ton of time by flying, but they are more expensive. Flights are more convenient, but by driving you can see more of the country and nature.

Take some time and evaluate your priorities. Do not hesitate to contact our expert team for more information.

There are more than 300 airports in Iran. So, you can fly to every major destination. There are 12 International airports in Iran, so it might be possible to fly directly to your first destination. Contact our team to help you organize your trip. The biggest international airport is Imam Khomeini (IKA) in Tehran and most of the flights from European countries land in this airport.

In Iran’s air travel system, System tickets are a bit more expensive but refundable based on the airline’s policy; but the chartered tickets are non-refundable.

Here is a short list of certain restrictions in Iranian customs:

  • Any kind of antique objects including old carpets with the historic record, handwoven carpets larger than 2 square meters
  • Any kind of drugs (marijuana, cocaine, etc.)
  • Foreign currencies with the value of more than 5,000 USD
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Pets are allowed only when having ID documents. Prior permission should be taken from the airport’s quarantine department
  • Books, and any written publication with anti-religion or anti-IR IRAN content
  • For most airlines and ticket types, each passenger is allowed to carry to 20 Kg, but make sure to check this on your ticket.


All nationalities are very welcome to visit Iran. The only exception are the  citizens of Israel. part of our team is dedicated to visa services. Please refer to our blog post on Visa.

The main types of visa issued are:

  •     Tourist Visa
  •     Entry Visa (business visa)
  •     Press Visa
  •     Transit Visa
  •     Work Permit Visa
  •     Pilgrimage Visa
  •     Student Visa
  •     Diplomatic and Service Visa

you can find more information on types of visa in our blog

Currently the Iranian MFA has created an online visa application portal, in which you can apply for an Iran visa. Gate of Nations is proud to provide the visa application process services for you. For more information on how to get an Iranian visa, types of visa and our services please visit our blog. 

Except for citizens of the US, UK, and Canada, you do not need to organize your itinerary beforehand.

No, not unless you are a US, UK, or Canadian citizen. Please make sure to read our blog for more information on the Iranian visa.

No, not unless you are a US, UK, or Canadian citizen. More information on the topic of the Iranian visa are provided for you in our blog.

For extending your visa you should go to the nearest Police Department of Alien Affairs before your visa expires. Extensions are usually granted for up to 60 days.

Currently, citizens of the US, UK, and Canada can only apply for a visa when their travel schedule, and places they would like to visit are fixed and arranged. In addition, they can only travel to Iran as part of a group.
Citizens of more than 100 countries are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Iran. In most cases, you can apply for an E-visa through an electronic portal. Please see our blog post on the visa.
Normally this would not affect your visa application, except for ex-Israeli citizens.

Usually it takes 10 business days for your authorization code to be issued. For more information on the Iranian visa make sure to visit our blog.

Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Syria, Turkey, and Venezuela can enter Iran without a visa. 

If you have applied through the online portal of the MFA, you can check your visa status through their website. You can see you visa status here


You can access the internet almost everywhere. Hotels and some cafes have free WiFi access. Internet access in rural parts might not be available.

You can use the roaming service of your operator in Iran but it is usually expensive. alternatively, upon your arrival at the airport, you can buy a pretty cheap SIM card for your phone to use during your trip.

The most common toilets in Iran are the Squat Toilets, but the flushable types are usually available in hotels and most tourist attractions. we recommend you to have some toilet paper and soap with you especially for using the toilets on the road. you can buy toilet paper and soap from every supermarket.

Except in certain hotels, you can not use your credit card in Iran. Please see our blog post on foreign currencies and how to exchange your money.
As above, you can not use ATM machines with your credit or debit card. Please refer to our blog post on money and foreign currencies.

Yes. Women should cover their head and there are certain legal and customary rules on dress code for men and women. Please read our blog post on the dress code.

No. Carrying and/or drinking alcohol is prohibited in Iran.

Yes. There are many restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes. Also, there are many Iranian vegetarian dishes.

No. In regards to spices, Iranian dishes are more like Mediterranean foods, not like Indian food.

The official currency is Rial. Please make sure to read our blog post on Iranian currency.

You can exchange your money at the airport, special branches of banks, exchange offices and in most hotels. Please read our blog posts on Iranian currency and foreign exchange in Iran.

Yes, an international driving license is accepted & one can rent a car for the period of his/her stay in Iran.

Except for military areas and certain religious places you can take a photo of record videos in Iran. For professional journalism photography or video recording, you might need a special permit.

As for Aerial photography and filming, it is strongly recommended not to fly your drone unless you have a authentic license.

Many young people know some English and they are usually pleased to talk to tourists.

Besides the above sid restriction on antiques, there are no limitations on buying and taking Persian carpets.