Get your visa from every country

Iran has launched an electronic visa (E-Visa) service in early 2017 to facilitateobtaining your authorization code, which is a visa reference number for most nationalities to get Iran Visa.
Here, we have provided a platform on our website for you to get your visa authorization code.
Why us?We have made this process not only easier but much cheaper for you in comparison with your independent visa request. We will be with you through the process step by step and lead to get your authorization code, whether you apply individually or in a group.
We charge you 29 euros for the cost of service (sending invitation letter to MFA and other processes). You need to pay the visa fee either in the embassy or at the airport.
Fill in the 5-minute online application form and receive your visa within 10 business days.

How to get a tourist visa?

1- Fill in visa application form

2- Pay the Application Fee

3- Receive authorization code in 2-3 working days

4- Collect your visa at airport/embassy

Who can visit Iran?

All nationalities are very welcome to visit Iran. The only exception are the  citizens of Israel. part of our team is dedicated to visa services. Please refer to our blog post on Visa.

What type of visa will I need?

The main types of visa issued are:

  •     Tourist Visa
  •     Entry Visa (business visa)
  •     Press Visa
  •     Transit Visa
  •     Work Permit Visa
  •     Pilgrimage Visa
  •     Student Visa
  •     Diplomatic and Service Visa

you can find more information on types of Visa in our blog

How do I get an Iranian visa?

Currently the Iranian MFA has created an online visa application portal, in which you can apply for an Iran visa. Gate of Nations is proud to provide the visa application process services for you. For more information on how to get an Iranian visa, types of visa and our services please visit our blog.  

Do I have to have my itinerary organized before I apply for a visa?

Except for citizens of the US, UK, and Canada, you do not need to organize your itinerary beforehand.

Do I need to book my flights before I can get a visa?

No, not unless you are a US, UK, or Canadian citizen. Please make sure to read our blog for more information on the Iranian visa.

Do I need to book my hotels before I can get an Iranian visa?

No, not unless you are a US, UK, or Canadian citizen. More information on the topic of the Iranian visa are provided for you in our blog.

Once I am in Iran, can I get my visa extended so that I can stay longer?

For extending your visa you should go to the nearest Police Department of Alien Affairs before your visa expires. Extensions are usually granted for up to 60 days.

Are there any specific requirements for US, UK and Canadian citizens travelling to Iran?

Currently, citizens of the US, UK, and Canada can only apply for a visa when their travel schedule, and places they would like to visit are fixed and arranged. In addition, they can only travel to Iran as part of a group.

Do I need a visa to travel to Iran

Citizens of more than 100 countries are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Iran. In most cases, you can apply for an E-visa through an electronic portal. Please see our blog post on the visa.

Does my previous nationality matter?

Normally this would not affect your visa application, except for ex-Israeli citizens.

How long does it take to get an Iran visa?

Usually it takes 10 business days for your authorization code to be issued. For more information on the Iranian visa make sure to visit our blog.

Which countries do not need a visa for Iran?

Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Syria, Turkey, and Venezuela can enter Iran without a visa. 

How can I check my Iran visa status online?

If you have applied through the online portal of the MFA, you can check your visa status through their website. You can see you visa status here