Gate Of Nations Customer Testimonials

You are the best!

“Iran is such an amazing country with such a unique culture, and Gate of Nations is unequivocally the best tour agency I’ve ever worked with […] I cannot wait to take another trip to Iran!”

Lei Zhenchuan
from China-visited 2019

The Mysterious West

“We are on the plane ready to fly, Thank you again for a fantastic trip, everything went well and not a single day passed without something special. You are a great company and managed a couple of old people well.”

Paul Diggory
from Britain-visited 2018

[…] we were the only two on the tour along with our marvellous guide and driver Sajji (Sajjad Ezati). This was the highlight of our time away. The people of Iran (young and old) were friendly, welcoming and very hospitable. Despite concerns of friends and family, there was never a time that we felt unsafe…

Brenda and Michael

“Coming to your country was exciting and very interesting but also we were not quite knowing what to expect.  Especially when things in the outside world were changing each day….  

We had the most amazing time, with so much history and culture to experience….and many amazing places to eat.  The warmth and welcome from so many people in the street was the most overwhelming experience.



Win and Russell
From Australia-Visited 2018

“I will always now have a very special memory of my holiday in Iran, in fact I think so far it has been the most rewarding experience of any of my travels and very different to what I imagined before I left Australia. I will be certainly telling my friends to visit Iran and experience what your country has to offer and the hospitality and generosity of the Iranian people.”


Robert Jones
From Australia-Visited 2016

“We travelled to Iran in April/May 2018 with another couple of friends, all of us close to 70. We felt safer there than we do on the streets of Melbourne…

Our guide was wonderful and understood clearly what we needed to do to manage better some of the longer days…. The picture of Iran painted in the Western press beggars belief. You must go there and see for yourself! The people of Iran are so welcoming, friendly and generous!”


Mavis and Neil
from Australia-Visited 2018

“Thanks for looking after us so well during  our tour of Iran. Julie and I really enjoyed meeting the people and having all the wonderful historical sites explained to us so expertly by our team leader.”


Julie and Kerin
From Australia-Visited in 2017

“Thank you for showing me around Tehran and Qom.  I enjoyed the information and our conversations.

It was an excellent visit.”


James Clarke
From the U.S-Visited in 2017

“We have been telling our friends what a wonderful experience we had in your amazing country and how very nice the Persian people are, and how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

We will certainly encourage others to travel to Iran and look, listen and learn for themselves…”


Christine and Norm Iddles
from Australia-visited 2019

Travel Experiences

Brenda and Michael

December 12th 2019 Hi All  Time for the annual letter of good wishes for Christmas and the New Year etc.…. The year has flown so fast this year so much so that I am not really ready for Christmas.  However…….. […]     After we left Baku we flew to Iran for an 18 day

Nick, a Video Blogger in Iran!

His Second Day in Our Company Nick, called Indigo Traveller, is a New Zealandian video blogger, who came to Iran in March 2019. In his 13 videos throughout the country, he has kindly shown the real face of Iran, a total failure of what propagandist media try to portray. In this video, in the company

Is Iran Safe?

  Iran has been referred to as the “axis of evil”. Since the former US President George W. Bush’s tweets and speeches, there are lots of false rumours and also wrong references about Iran that we strongly suggest you to reconsider. In a world where people count on comments more than facts, it is essential