For two days in Tehran and one day in the south of Iran, we had the honor of being Nicks’s company! Nick, called Indigo Traveller, is a New Zealandian video blogger, who came to Iran in March 2019. We were able to get around with Nick, chat, take photos, shoot film, make an Iranian dish and talk about our experiences. *** Come to our website to see the places Nick went to, step by step. If you loved it, come and we can guide you to all those places; if you wish to see different parts of Iran, do not miss the experiences you can have by what our local guides offer!

A trip is not just visiting the world-famous monuments and taking photos to fill your Instagram posts. It is more than that. It is to feel that you are a member of the country you travel to and be welcome by everyone you see. It is to feel a different culture by wandering through ancient majestic places. It is to be in the most intact natural places, where you can hear yourself thinking.

Iran will remain like a dream for you, much more than you can ever take pictures of and remember through photographs.

We invite you. We guide you. We accompany you and make friends with you.

“We are on the plane ready to fly, Thank you again for a fantastic trip, everything went well and not a single day passed without something special. You are a great company and managed a couple of old people well.”
from Britain-visited 2018

You are the best!

“Iran is such an amazing country with such a unique culture, and Gate of Nations is unequivocally the best tour agency I’ve ever worked with […] I cannot wait to take another trip to Iran!”
from China-visited 2019


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