Narenjestan Qavam is an astonishing traditional house in the city of Shiraz. It is in the old region of the city and is only 400 meters away from Nasir-ol-Molk (or the pink) Mosque. Narenjestan Qavam Garden was presented to Shiraz University in 1966 after being restored and has been kept under its supervision since then.

Dowlat Aabad Garden of Yazd is located in the northern part of the city, 3 kilometers away from Amir Chakhmaq Square. It is famous for its wind tower which is the tallest wind tower made of adobe in the world. It is 33.8 meters high. This garden is registered in the list of Persian Gardens

Golestan Palace is located in the historical area of the Bazaar of Tehran and is a complex from Tehran’s history during and after the Qajar Dynasty. This complex was the residence, coronation palace and the museum of Iranian kings… Golestan Palace is one of the most important touristic attractions in Iran. The complex of Golestan

Preventing the waste of oil income and investment on art made the idea of establishing the Museum of Contemporary Arts discussed and implemented in Iran before the Revolution in 1979… Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts “MoCA” is in the south of Carpet Museum of Iran. This museum was established in 1977 with the cooperation of

Saadi of Shiraz is the title of the Shirazi poet from the 13th century. He became interested in religion, knowledge, and research in his adolescence and left Shiraz to acquire knowledge in Baghdad. He got under the influence of his masters and went on long journeys. Most of these trips are recorded in his book

The Western Portal for the historical site of Persepolis is called the Gate of All Nations. As understood from the name of this portal, which was in fact a roofed iwan, it was the entrance place for kings, royalty, and visitors of the Achaemenid kings. Persepolis has three portals and you enter from the Western

If you want to travel to Iran, you should know that mosques built in different periods in our country are among the most significant attractions; but in Shiraz, there is an example of these mosques that have intertwined people and divinity with its colors and lights. It sparkles like a diamond with its pink tiling

According to what archeologists have found, there used to be a garden in Pasargadae that was built on the command of Cyrus the great.  The remnants of streams and the passing of a small river along the historical area of Pasargadae is a proof for this hypothesis. The experts have located the first garden in

Visiting the traditional houses of Iran leads you to the depth of the lifestyle of the past. Tabatabaei House in Kashan is one of them. Close to the Borujerdi House in Kashan is an old house which is known as Tabatabaei. This magnificent house was the residence of the Tabatabai family. Every detail of the

Do not miss visiting the historical houses while getting around Kashan.Borujerdi House of Kashan is now the Tourism Management Office of Kashan. This historical house was appointed by UNESCO Convention as the most beautiful historical house of an Asian Country in 2015. It was built late in Qajar period in 1875 AD. The most significant