Dress Code in Iran- What parts do you need to cover in public?
What should we wear in Iran?

What should we wear in Iran? You are a woman and concerned about hijab status in Iran? What do you know about hijab? Is women’s traveling to Iran impossible because of its hijab issues?

The first question that comes to the women’s minds when traveling to Iran is “What should we wear?” Iran is known as a Muslim country all over the world. However, the truth is that Iran is a Muslim country with Shia religion and this created this supposition in the world that hijab in Iran is like some Arabian countries, which are also Muslim. Countries like Saudi Arabia where non-Muslim female travelers should wear a long black dress with black scarf just leaving their hands and faces open at their entrance to the airport.

For more information of Saudi women’s compulsory hijab: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293991-i4477-k3348234-Business_Woman_Going_to_Saudi_What_Do_I_Have_To_Wear-Saudi_Arabia.html


There’s an image recognized in the world as the covering of Iranian women, women in long black clothes even covering their faces. We strongly assert that this kind of clothing is only common in the southern parts of Iran and is in fact a part of their local custom. Nevertheless, you have to know what to wear in Iran. 

Search for Iranian women also foreigner women in Iran only on the internet. Pay attention to the pictures the search engine shows you. Those pictures are the ones you will see in your trip to Iran. That kind of dressing is very common in Iran, so do not worry. What you have to wear is a scarf or shawl that covers the major part of your hair and there would be no problem. Wear something that covers your hip and wear pants or skirts. Do not worry about your hands; they can be uncovered to your elbow. Your feet can also be uncovered to your ankles. This is the usual dress code of people.

Men can wear short sleeves but are not allowed to wear sleeveless or shorts in the streets.

You might have heard in the media that the police or “Basij” arrest the ones with improper hijab. It is true. Unfortunately, this is an issue that happens and all our efforts to resolve it with the police has been futile so far. However, in our several years of experience, no foreigner has ever been remonstrated for having improper hijab in Iran. Therefore, you can search for Iranian women, choose a type of dressing and give us a call so that we plan for the best days of your lives in your trip to Iran.



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