Ramadan is a month of spiritual growth and fasting, and the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. This is a month dedicated for close attention to the spiritual side of life and it has its own religious and customary rituals. The most important ritual of Ramadan in Iran-or Ramezan as it is pronounced in Persian-

I have traveled many times to Kerman, this wondrous city of diverse natural sites. This time I was determined to visit one of the eleven Qanats, a construction inscribed by UNESCO in 2016 as a World Heritage Site. It is indeed one of the greatest experiences I had in Iran visiting the Qanat of Gowhar-riz

March 15th Finally, I arrive at Tehran. It took me several hours to get to my place from the airport, for the city was filled with people out there in the streets. Some with shopping bags in hands, some hand in hand and some pointing to things with their hands. “It is near Nowruz. People