What is Brass? The combination of Copper and Zinc result in a practical alloy called Brass, known for its yellowish warm tones that can flicker like Gold. The proportions of the copper and zinc make many different kinds of Brass with various attributes. Basic modern Brass is 67% Copper and 33% Zinc. The usage range

Art instead of Industry Although in the past, Pottery has been known as an industry, now in modern society it is known as art. And although, there is considerable information in relation to Iranian ancient pottery, there are very few documents and written information of ceramics from the Qajar era until contemporary time. At the

  Iran has been referred to as the “axis of evil”. Since the former US President George W. Bush’s tweets and speeches, there are lots of false rumours and also wrong references about Iran that we strongly suggest you to reconsider. In a world where people count on comments more than facts, it is essential