Iran has been referred to as the “axis of evil”. Since the former US President George W. Bush’s tweets and speeches, there are lots of false rumours and also wrong references about Iran that we strongly suggest you re-consider.

In a world where people count on comments more than facts, it is essential to google Iran in the authentic websites about traveling and not pay attention to news headlines!

Have Faith!
Believe that good things always happen to you!
Like all the other plans on traveling around, be sure that if you start the road with a positive energy, the universe will take that positivity back to you!
And it happens a lot here, around Iran.
Iran will make you surprised!

Safe in the company of the most hospitable people

A cliché about Iran is right: the exuberant hospitality. Whether an invitation to chai (Tea in Persian) or to dinner – the Iranians want to take care of everything. It can be exhausting at times, but it’s usually very gracious and admirable. Unless Ta’arof (Check the article “Things to Know Before Traveling to Iran” in this very website), which is only a courtesy gesture, you should accept invitations. Let yourself be caught! In the end, you will always be richer in experience than before. Because in fact, in this way you get to know the country and the people and away from what is accepted due to political issues. The famous Persian kindness will surely touch you. Most Persians are incredibly generous. You will judge yourself whether it is a “rogue state” or not being in the company of mostly polite, unbiased and caring women and men who will give you their heart without any condition.

P.S .: Get ready for many, many selfies with many, many happy Iranians.

Iran is Safe According to People’s Comments and Personal Experience.

The first question many people ask when they hear from a trip to Iran is: is it safe there? The answer is very simple: yes, yes and yes again. In my experience, as a girl who ‘s been solo traveling (Also read the article Solo trip in this very website) around Iran and also other countries for years and asking foreign tourists about their experience in my country, I can say in fact, Iran is currently one of the safest countries in the Middle East to visit. That certainly says something about that region, but even more about Iran. Since the hostage taking at the American embassy in the late 1970s, Iran has no safe image. However, after many years passing from that time, tourists now really have nothing to fear. Iranians are known for their hospitality and welcome foreigners with open arms.

Of course there are clear rules in Iran that you have to stick to. These apply to the local population and therefore logically also to tourists. For example, not drinking alcohol, not showing too much intimacy in public (between men and women) and, as for women, covering the head in public. It is similar to the fact that in India I shackled a shawl around my shoulders and I didn’t go out barefoot in some regions in Nepal. I had no perception of insecurity or fear at any moment of my journey around it. Even in moments of uncertainty, you’ll know nothing bad is going to happen. The kindness of the Iranian people is well known.

You need to experience it in person. There will always be someone ready to give you the right indication, to accompany you where you need, to offer you his/her help. That’s why I go for a trip around the country every once in a while, for the humanity, positive vibe and the energy getting from other people is inspiring; you’ll live happier (and kinder) when you know that goodness-without-expectation still exists.

It is true that most of the times Iranians’ kindness “May” seem like begging for attention to you – perhaps from your western or European perspective – but it’s just a sort of cultural gesture that you’re not so used to. Just take it easy and enjoy the most of your time!

The experience of foreign tourists traveling to Iran is as follows:

– I traveled to Iran with my wife for two weeks and can honestly say that this country is one of the safest places we have ever traveled! Only traffic problem in Tehran is crazy! The Iranians are the most welcoming people we have ever seen, and due to lack of time, we were unable to answer all their invitations.

– I went to Iran for the first time in 2012, but not by plane or bus, but through Armenia. While other tourists advised me that Iran was really safe and people were excellent in all respects, the media described Iran as the most dangerous region in the world, but on my trip to Iran, I found all the negative propaganda against this country wrong and that for a trip to Iran you must forget them. In the end, we must say that, beyond all these issues, Iran shows its values in the journey to it. Hearing it is never like seeing it!

Have you ever been to Iran? Share your experience and good memories of Iran with us!

Iran is Safe According to Authentic Websites, Magazines and Journals

“Iran is generally a very safe place to travel, so much so that many travellers describe it as the ‘safest country I’ve ever been to’, or ‘much safer than travelling in Europe’. Violent crime against foreigners is extremely rare and, indeed, if you do your best to fit in with local customs, you are unlikely to be treated with anything but courtesy and friendliness – that applies to Americans, too. We have hitchhiked across deserts, stayed in the homes of strangers and left bags in restaurants and cafes without any problem”.

Says Lonely Planet, now one of the most reliable sources for the travelers.

Moreover, the Italian Travel and Tourism Newsletter, Latitudeselife, has also described Iran as the most secure and hospitable country in the Middle East, and has spoken about Iran’s rich and unique culture. Over the past four years, international and local media from the National Geographic to the Austrian local media have been focusing on introducing tourist attractions in Iran, writing about Iran’s security and hospitality, and inviting people from different countries to visit our country.

Now in the latest examples of these reports, an Italian publication related to travel and tourism has been writing about Iran. The Italian magazine wrote an illustrated touristic page about tourism in Iran that begins with a part of Hafez’s poems, pointing out that it is now the best season to travel to Iran. Iran has a unique cultural, natural and historical wealth that can attract and entice every traveler to his culture. In Iran, the greatest book poet of the 13th century, Hafez, is used to magic and some believe that there are suggestions for solving everyday problems. Beside his tomb in Shiraz, people are taking care of a small amount of cash. But the traditions and connections with the past in Iran are continuing along with modernization. The publication also states: The past and the present are merged into one country in which everything is created to attract and conquer eyes, minds and fantasies.