Let’s Know Brass better
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What is Brass?

The combination of Copper and Zinc result in a practical alloy called Brass, known for its yellowish warm tones that can flicker like Gold. The proportions of the copper and zinc make many different kinds of Brass with various attributes. Basic modern Brass is 67% Copper and 33% Zinc. The usage range of this alloy is very extensive, from decorative objects and jewelry to machinery and musical instruments.

Brass History

The background of the word “brass” is vague and is still a mystery. But the English word brass comes from the old English word Braes, meaning bronze. Roman and Greek documents explain that the wide production of alloy almost the same as modern Brass began around the 1st century BC. Discovering Brass by Romans, this alloy became widespread. The Romans had discovered how to produce brass, the alloy started to be used in coinage in the areas of modern-day Turkey and all over the Roman Empire. Also, Brass has been referenced at least 39 times in the Bible which shows the importance of this metal in history. Due to warm golden tone which gives an impression of magnificence and worthiness without the high price of gold, Brass turned to a cherished metal soon.

Brass Appearance

People know Brass with its bright gold appearance; although, it can also be reddish-gold or silvery-white. High percentage of copper causes a rosy tone and more zinc yields a silver look in Brass.

Brass features

Brass is known for its strength and durability. The malleable trait made Brass very ideal to use in intricate jewelries. It is not brittle and it does not break easily and tends to stretch under pressure. By a reasonable care and maintenance, a piece of Brass jewelry can endure for ages. However, it develops a greenish patina over time that is because of the copper content in the alloy.

Brass in Jewelries

Because of these three properties, workability, affordability and durability, Brass is an ideal choice for jewelers for casting, folding, etching and etc. Besides, the versatile color of brass pairs it well with almost all colors. Brass can be made into all forms of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, hairpins and brooches. Its resemblance to gold, along with low price, makes Brass a popular alternative for precious metals among customers.

Healing Benefits of Brass

Copper and zinc existed in Brass, are essential minerals for metabolic function in the human body. It has been written in some reports that wearing brass jewelry or using brass kitchenware for cooking can improve health and compensate copper and zinc deficiency.

Some claim that wearing brass alleviates their rheumatism, arthritis, headaches and joint paints. While it is not proven scientifically, but it is possible that wearing brass jewelry can have some health benefits. However, if your brass items are lacquered, you will not feel these effects as the metal has to touch the skin to be effective.


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