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Isfahan city is the most important city which tourists like to see, touch and walk for hours in its Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Isfahan’s special architecture will always astonish you. The geometric order seen in every piece of architectural work is a token of the Safavid era. Isfahan is Iran’s third largest city. The first rank goes to Tehran, and Isfahan is after the religious city of Mashhad. Isfahan thrived during the years from 1050 to 1722 AD and in the Safavid era. The names ascribed to Isfahan in the past include Safahan, Safavian, Jay, Sepahan, Aspadana and Nesf-e Jahan (half of the world). After Muslims’ evasion and for the reason that Arabs don’t have the letter “P”, it was gradually omitted and was replaced by “f”; thus, today we use the name “Isfahan”. In Persian, we call it Esfehan, but in most English sources, it is called Isfahan. In July 2018, after 3 years of researching, a slogan was chosen for Isfahan: Naghsh-e Jahan: Untold Stories. Regarding the fact that most of the remnants in this city date back to Safavid era, we’d better have a deeper look at this dynasty and Iran’s kings in that period to get a perfect recognition of this city.

Isfahan, Iran

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