Welcome to Yazd

The province of Yazd is located in the center of Iran and its capital is the historical and old city of Yazd. This province has lots of tourist attractions, most of which are located inside the city of Yazd. Considering this fact that one or, at most, two days of the incoming tours to Iran are allotted to the province of Yazd, the cities and the historical places worth visiting in this province are: Zoroastrians’ Fire Temple, Tower of Silence, Reservoir with six wind catchers, Amir Chakhmaq Square, Alexander’s Prison, Grand Mosque of Yazd, Dowlat Aabad Garden, House of Larry, Kharanaq Village, Pir-e Chak Chak, Meybod city which includes Narin Castle, Pigeon House Tower, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Ice House and many others which we will describe here in detail based on years of experience in leading group tours.

Yazd is located in a hot and arid area, so the best time to visit this province would be from the late March to the early June and also from the late September to the early November. But if you intend to become familiar with the real life in Iran and especially in Yazd, in summertime you can curve a different experience of Yazd in your mind. The most important feature that discriminates Yazd from other provinces, which is attracting to most passengers, is the striking difference of architecture in style and method of implementation in this area. Wind catchers are an invention of people in Yazd. A phenomenon that you must feel with your skin in Dowlat Aabad Garden or Water Museum in Yazd.

Another feature that makes Yazd outstanding from other cities of Iran is the existence of a large population of Zoroastrians that have kept their customs; you can visit their ceremonies with proper timing and of course a little bit of luck. In Nartitee, an eco-lodge in Taft, Yazd, you can both have a nice stay and get familiar with Zoroastrianism.