Ancient Harps

Shokri’s Workshop

“Seifullah Shokri” was born in 1975 in Qazvin. He began his excessive studies of instrument-making at the age of 17 to make contemporary instruments. With this in mind, in 1999 he started his research for the construction of ancient instruments. To speed up this work, he established the first workshop for making musical instruments in Qazvin province. The following year, the first scientific construction classes at the handicrafts organization of Qazvin was established. In the early half of the 1980s, Shokri was able to Scientificization the construction of the “Ney” instrument. He also designed the “Tar” engineering plan and invented the “Hasht Tar” instrument and registered it nationally, and designed it with using 6,000 pieces in mosaic art.



Barbat of Arjan


In November 2010, the President and his Cabinet unveiled the “Carpet” national instrument, which was made by Shokri, inspired by an Iranian rug. In the last two years, Shokri has been able to design and build the first wire-making machine in Iran, as well as reviving the 3,000-year-old harp of the Ilam civilization, the Barbat of the Arjan Cup (1000 BC), and the Barbat of the Elamite (1000 BC). He has also revived the Parthian “Lear” and the 3,000-year-old “Asa” of Khuzestan and has invented the instruments “Negareh” and “9 Octave”.



Narsina’s Harp

One of the latest achievements of Shokri is the inclusion of “Ancient Iran’s harp” in the list of the intangible human heritage of Iran. The instrument is offered by the “Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization” to the UNESCO to be submited as an exemplary practice of the restoration of obsolete arts.



Choqa-Mish’s Harp

In the second half of the 1980s, Shokri built the oldest “harp” in Iran and the world, with a history of 6,000 years, and “Barbat” in Mesopotamia, with a history of 4,700 years, at the order of the United Nations. Later, Shokri invented the Soroush instrument.


                    Barbat of Mesopotamia
You can talk to him day and night about the history of music and its instruments; be benefited from his boundless knowledge, without being bothered by his words.
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