Carpet Museum of Iran
Carpet Museum Tehran Iran

To research on and preserve the ancient carpets of Iran, the Carpet Museum of Iran was established. This museum started functioning before the Revolution in 1979 and is now a very precious collection of old and artistic carpets…
The Carpet Museum of Iran was built and established in 1978 and under Farah Pahlavi’s command who was the Queen then. At the time of building this museum, research, quality and history of carpeting art was of priority in Iran. The exterior visage of the building was designed like a carpet loom and a place of 3400 square meters was built in two stairs. The first floor is a permanent exhibition of carpet and the second floor is allocated to seasonal exhibits. In the basement are the antique carpets which are occasionally moved in order to be repaired and so we cannot provide you with a stable list of them. Anyway, the signs in English can help you get to know the names, the dates of crafting and the types of design while visiting the museum.
In Carpet museum of Iran, you can find books about Persian carpets that get you familiar with their details. This museum is located in the center of the city and is built inside a complex that also includes the Museum of Contemporary Arts. It is also very near the Hotel Laleh. This museum is about some hundred meters in the west of Hotel Laleh and you can get there on foot. The interior lightening of the museum is very dim and in case you intend to do professional photography, you should do it with a tripod which needs verification from the head of Carpet Museum.
• The Carpet Museum of Iran  is closed on Mondays and also on the days of religious mourning. The working hours of the museum are from 9 to 17.

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