Dareh Sakhti, a Surprising Natural Area in Kerman
Dareh Sakhti waterfalls

The Dareh Sakhti waterfalls are located 30 km from Kerman and in the northeast corner of Kafer Mountain, which is about 2,000 meters high and extends over eighty kilometers in the longest valleys of the province. The heart of the high mountains with huge natural walls has created a beautiful and interesting walkway. The last village in the area is Fosak, which you should start your walk from there. Continuing the watercourse in the valley leads to waterfalls. There are about 45 short and high waterfalls between 3 to 45 meters high. The passage through the valley requires some equipment, physical fitness, and acquaintance with swimming techniques. The reason for its name (Dareh Sakhti/ Difficulty Valley) is its long path. passing through the rocks and in the ponds and waterfalls of this valley takes at least 5 days. Certainly, our leader who is knowledgeable about the place will manage your time and provide an exciting adventure through this gorgeous nature. Undoubtedly, this amazing valley is one of the most unique valleys in the country due to the length of the route, the presence of water jets, grasslands, forests, walls, as well as its diverse wildlife.




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