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Nick Indigo Traveller

His Second Day in Our Company

Nick, called Indigo Traveller, is a New Zealandian video blogger, who came to Iran in March 2019. In his 13 videos throughout the country, he has kindly shown the real face of Iran, a total failure of what propagandist media try to portray.

In this video, in the company of us, he visits Tajrish bazaar in Tajrish square, which is a must-see place in the north of Tehran, along tortuous bazaar, with beautiful architecture and a great mosque also shown in this video. Moreover, we went to one of Tehran’s natural resorts, Darband, a touristic site at the foot of the mountains, with beautiful restaurants, cafes and other places to rest. Our local guides will show you places offering original Persian dishes, the taste of which you will never forget- one of them is shown here as well.



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