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Abyaneh Historical Village has long been a study site for anthropologists. Because of its remoteness and isolation from the main roads, this village has still kept its old architecture, and culture including language, customs, and clothes.

The architecture of the houses in the village is fascinating, they are terraced and all covered with a lump of red clay from the region which has given the whole village a uniform look. You can see caves near and inside the village which were used as places to keep the sheep and winter supply and almost all families own one.  

The men living in Abyaneh wear a shirt and pants. Their pants look like those of Bakhtiari ethnic groups. The women wear floral dresses and a white scarf to cover their hair. Their language is a remnant of the Pahlavi language which has been preserved.

  • Tips on How to Reach

To go to Abyaneh, you have to use a private vehicle. In case you’re not traveling with us, you’d better rent a taxi from Kashan to drive you there and return you. Unfortunately, there’s no public transportation for going to this village. It is 79 kilometers away from Kashan.

Remember that its weather changes frequently since the village has an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level. So if you’re traveling in a cold season, prepare yourself for an extreme coldness in Abyaneh.

  • Enjoy being among the locals!

While walking in the village you will see women sitting in their local clothes, some of whom have brought some products from their own garden or farm, such as dried plums and dried apples in order to sell. They do not cost much. You can get some and enjoy having them on your way back. Take a walk in the village in absolute peace and be afraid of nothing. The people of this village are as kind as all other villagers in the world.

·        You can visit this village at any time of the day and the admittance for each foreign individual is 5000 Tomans which will be given at the entrance of the village.

  • Tourist attractions of the historical village

·            The Fire Temple of Abyaneh:

Fire Temple of Abyaneh is the oldest historical site which is considered an example of Zoroastrian temples.

·   The Mosques of Abyaneh

Abyaneh Village has a number of mosques, the most important of which are the Grand Mosque dating back to the Eleventh Century, Yarzaleh mosque dating back to the Fourteenth Century AD, and Hajatgah Mosque dating back to the Fifteenth Century.

·      Abyaneh Village also has a number of castles.

You have to walk in order to see the whole village fully.


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