Zoroastrians’ Shrine in the Heart of a Mountain “Pir-e Chak Chak”
MP. Chack Chack Shrine Yazd

The Shrine of the cave of Pir-e Chak Chak or Pir-e Chak Chakoo is 40 kilometers away from the village of Kharanaq in Yazd province. It is one of the most important pilgrimage locations of Zoroastrians of Iran and Yazd. After passing a rather short stair, you’ll get to the middle of the mountain that has an old and huge tree. After taking off your shoes that is an act of respect, you’ll enter a temple that has a flow of water from the left side of the mountain and the trace of the pilgrims’ candles are visible. The floor is made of marble and drops of water, falls on the ground from parts of the roof. Drip in Persian means “Cheke” and probably is the source of the name of this place. If you listen to the dripping sound you’ll perfectly understand the reason for this naming.

Some people believe that this sacred place was the sanctuary of a woman named Hayat Banoo or Nik Banoo (Lady of Life). She was a Sassanid princess that took refuge here during an attack.

chak chak yazd

Tips on When to visit: If you want to see Pir-e Chak Chak, you should know that you have to plan to see Kharanaq and Pir-e Chak Chak together. If you go to Isfahan from Yazd, first visit Kharanaq and go to Isfahan after visiting Pir-e Chak Chak. But if you go to Yazd from Isfahan, first see Pir-e Chak Chak and go to Yazd after seeing Kharanaq. We recommend you to see Meybod too on this route.

Attention: Do not hurry going up the stairs and watch your knees while going down.

Zoroastrians’ Shrine


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