Rageh Canyon
Rageh Canyon

Rageh Canyon, or as some of the locals used to call it “Valley of Death” is one of the natural attractions of Kerman province, 20 Km from the city of Rafsanjan. To get there, you need to go to Rafsanjan, either by a short flight or by train which has a stop 40 Km from Rafsanjan or you can take a bus. In the past few years, this amazing natural attraction has started to get more attention from tourists, so certain measures for protecting its ecosystem and also for its proper introduction has been taken.

There are some indications of human presence in this valley, like small handmade holes and caves; but this grand valley, a great reminder of the sheer force of nature, has been created through erosion by water and wind and is still changing.

At the bottom of the “Darreh Rageh” there is a river which at certain points needs caution and familiarity with the area to pass.

Rageh Canyon continues for almost 20 Km and in some parts you need to walk through the shallower parts of the river, so make sure you have suitable shoes and equipment.

While visiting Kerman province and its major historical sites like the Bam Citadel, this natural site can add a different vibe to your trip.


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