Raqez Canyon

Raqez Canyon

A paradise for those who seek adventure Among the green pastures and plains between Darab and Fasa in Fars province, there are high lands that hide canyons and gorges with waterfalls and ponds. A place that due to the difficulty of the route and its access, perhaps no one knew about until ten years ago. One of those gorges is called “Raqez”, which means the pristine and slippery rout. Raqez canyon is exposed recently as the most popular place for canyoning in Iran  and one the most beautiful Iran Canyons and attracts groups of adventurers every week.

Raqez canyon with a length of approximately 4 km along the north to the south, and from the headwaters of Raqez to the southern valley, has 64 waterfalls and about 100 natural ponds. Between the headwater area and the southern valley, there are dozens of beautiful waterfalls and reservoirs in various shapes that can only be discovered using technical equipment.

The best time of the year to visit this beautiful part of Iran Nature:

Since this area is famous for its springs and waterfalls, it is better to travel to this gorge during the watery seasons, between April and early October. Not only will the lush forest trees along the access road to Raqez canyon be more attractive, but you can reduce the scorching heat of summer with the cool weather around the water and the cool breeze that blows inside the gorge. Also, be sure to follow the weather news before starting the trip, and do not enter this gorge during rains and floods.

Tips to know before traveling to Raqez Canyon:

  • Do not forget the insect repellent spray. With this spray, you will get rid of insects and will not be bothered anymore.
  • Preferably do not drink the water in this area. Although the water of these ponds is spring water, but bring a thermos and drink spring water from the entrance of the spring.
  • If you want to take your belongings into the gorge, be sure to use waterproof bags for canyoning and other waterproof items.
  • As we mentioned before, make sure that there is no rain in this area during your trip.
  • Along the gorge route, you will encounter many wild bird nests. Wild pigeons nest among the rocks. Be careful not to damage the birds’ nests.
  • If you are not afraid of water and swimming, make this trip happen.
  • If you are afraid of heights, we suggest you choose another destination  in iran nature for your adventure.
  • To travel to raqez canyon, you must know how to swim.
  • Also, do not be afraid of fish in the ponds around you.
  • Remember that the water there is cold and even though it is summer, when you come out of water, it may be cold with a cool breeze blowing inside the valley. Try wearing a wetsuit or choose the clothes that dry quickly.


  • How to get to to Raqez canyon?If you want to go from Shiraz, you have to follow the Fasa road and finally Darab road. We suggest that you take the Hassanabad road in the middle of the route and move towards the beginning of the valley from Hassanabad and its lush pastures. In this area, Ab Barik gorge, Darreh Rudshahr, and Nigi spring are located, which are other attractions around. If you go from Darab to the gorge, you have to drive 35 km to the northwest of Darab to Hassanabad section. The rest of the route between 4 to 5 km in the valley must be walked. In total, you can drive from the Drakuyeh Pass to the beginning of the canyoning route by car for about 2 hours on a dirt road. Along the way, you will have two springs next to the waterfalls. We recommend taking a guide for traveling to all iran canyons.


  • What equipment do you need for Raqez canyon?If we want to talk more about the equipment that you should have with you for the gorge, we should mention the rock climbing equipment and maybe diving. In fact, to visit and pass through the waterfalls and ponds of this area, you not only need to sometimes climb up or down a cliff But sometimes you need to swim to continue the route of the gorge and as a result, you will need diving equipment. You will at least need the following items:
    • Suitable shoes for hiking and a sandal for inside the gorge
    • Harness
    • Backpack to keeping the necessary items
    • Life vest
    • Helmet
    • Extra clothes
    • Thermos
    • Insect repellent spray
    • With diving equipment, you can discover the ponds with 20m depth

    Gate-of-Nations provides everything you need to discover “Raqez canyon” ,one of the most beautiful iran Canyons.


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