The Iranian Version of Grand Canyon, Shahdad Desert
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In the western part of the Lut Desert, there is a mysterious desert with an area of ​​about 24,000 square kilometers is known as Shahdad. A beautiful desert, with an amazing view of the dawn and sunset you can only dream of. In 2005, NASA measured the air temperature in this area at around 70.7 degrees Celsius. Shahdad Kalut has a global reputation. some call these Kaluts the legendary city. These natural sights are created by water and wind erosion. Every rain on the Lut desert creates a new form for kaluts. There is another factor in the beautiful architecture of these kaluts: the river called Shor, which is flowing through the driest regions of Iran, it is the only permanent river in this desert. This river contains one of the saltiest sample of water in the world, and at the end of its route it becomes concentrated like yogurt.

This region is naturally unique and historically important. In the Shahdad kaluts and in Dasht-e-Lut, a civilization dating back more than 6,000 years has been discovered. Our tour guide will tell you all about this ancient civilization. One of the most beautiful experiences in this area is photography. you will encounter the strangest landscapes and you definitely want to record them.



You should go from Kerman to Kerman-Bam route and continue your journey to Siraj. After Siraj, you should take the Shahdad route. After a few kilometers, you will arrive at the crossing of  Shahdad and Golbaf. From there, you can easily go to the Shahdad and its kaluts desert camp. 



Other natural attractions of this desert are Nabkhas, Polygons and Salt Marshes as well as Caravanserai from the Qajar period.


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