The Natural Wonders of Qeshm Island;
Mp. Qeshm

Part One

You can get amazed by the part of Zagros Mountain reaching the southern seas of Iran, being deformed in a spectacular way left us a number of erosions called Qeshm Island Geopark. this geopark is globally recorded as a UNESCO Heritage. It is the largest island in Iran, in the shape of a dolphin. If you want to see canyons, caves, culture, colors, and foods, there are a number of fantastic spots in Qeshm that can surprise you!                      

The Salt cave, for example, is impressive, has spectacular colors and formations, but be aware: If you want to see more than just the entry, you have to crawl, pressed to the ground, because accessing the real cave dome means to pass a horizontal gap not much wider than your body. There is a 6.5km labyrinth located on the island. Once inside, try turning off the flashlights and sit in silence for a few minutes. This might be the quietest part of the world at that very moment.


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