The story of Meteorite Museum of Iran
Meteorite Museum of Iran

In the morning of August 19th, 1974, a stone weighing approximately 3 kg fell on the roof of Masoumi School in Naragh, Iran, destroying a part of it, the floor of the laboratory hall, and taken home by some workers there. Eventually, after the presence of the Naraghi police the municipality investigations, the stone was taken from the workers and handed over to the representative of the Geophysical Institute of the University of Tehran, Prof. Iraj Eshghi. He took a piece of the meteorite with him to Germany for further researches. After 40 years, in order to develop the tourist attractions of the town, Naragh Municipality followed the fate of this meteorite. In 2015, the sky meteorite museum of Iran was started with the help of Prof. Eshghi and the cooperation of the European universities, and finally this museum was opened in November 2019 at the location of the fallen meteorite of 1974, Masoumi school of Naragh.

This museum is the first meteorite museum in Iran and the Middle East, as well as the world’s rare meteorite museum built on the site of a meteorite collision (Meteorite Naraqh). It is also very interesting that the  Meteorite museum  of Iran holds and demonstrates the location of the collision of the aforementioned meteorite, as well as different types of meteorites belonging to different places and even specimens of the meteors of the Moon, Mars, Vesta and Mercury.

Moreover, the natural glass rocks that have been shaped around the impact hole of meteorite are among the rocks exhibited in the Meteorite museum of Iran , and also the rocks shaped by the volcanic eruptions on the earth’s surface, and by the impact of lightning hitting the earth’s surface. There are also some interesting examples of rock from the planet Earth in this museum.


More about Prof. Iraj Eshghi (Consultant and designer of the Meteorite Museum of Iran)

1. Past Associate Professor at the Geophysical Institute of the University Tehran-Iran

2. Senior Researcher at the Geological Institute University Aachen-Germany

3. Public Relation Manager at the Volcano Eifel: Geopfad-Hillesheim and Eifel-Volcano Museum Daun (Germany)

4. Consultant and designer of the Meteorite Museum -Iran

5. Granted the European Medal for Smart Tourism (Geotourism)

6. Granted the Honorary badge of Hildesheim, Germany for creating the general geology of geo-tourism

7. Author of Numerous articles and books on geology, volcanism, seismology, geothermal, meteorites and geo-tourism in Persian, German and English languages and participate in international conferences

8. Scientific reports on geology, volcanism, and geo-tourism on television and in the German press and 17 years of experience in the design and creation of scientific geological tourism

(geo-tourism) in Germany


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