A Journey to the Southern Islands

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Southern islands of Iran are magnificent, yet not fully discovered by the world travelers. In this trip starting from the famous cities of Isfahan and Shiraz, we would like to take you to the south of Iran, the mysterious Qeshm and Hormuz Islands with various and heart-touching cultural and natural phenomena.


The Extraordinary Southern Islands of Iran


The Route is: Isfahan ? Shiraz ✈️ Qeshm and Hormuz Islands, Qeshm ✈️ Tehran

SeasonFrom October to April, due to hot summers of southern Iran
StyleCulture and Nature
Hotel Rate★★★★
VehicleDepends on the size of the group



Southern islands of Iran are magnificent, yet not fully discovered by the world travelers. In this trip starting from the famous cities of Isfahan and Shiraz, we would like to take you to the south of Iran, the mysterious land of various and heart-touching cultural and natural phenomena.

Your travel begins in Isfahan, you will have three amazing days there to see the delicacy and beauty of Safavid era architecture, bazaars, and gardens including

the UNESCO World Heritage site of Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Our next destination is Shiraz, famous for its poetry originating from the 13th and 14th-century and the diversity of food and restaurants. Visiting Persepolis, the most impressive ancient site of Iran would amaze you.

On the way to Shiraz, we will visit the Pasargadae (UNESCO world heritage). You will visit the magnificent Persepolis (another UNESCO world heritage) and much more in Shiraz. Your trip continues by a flight across the southern parts of Iran to the UNESCO Global Geopark of Qeshm Island. In Qeshm and then in Hormuz Islands you will see a different side of Iran. The beautiful and extraordinary nature of Qeshm and Hormuz, together with the traditions and hospitality of the locals will bring a rich new experience to you. After two wonderful days in Qeshm and Hormuz Islands, you will fly to Tehran and based on your departure time may have some time to visit Tehran.

Map Locations:


  • Stopping at 5 UNESCO world heritage sites and visiting the UNESCO global geo-park of Qeshm Island
  • Walking in peaceful Persian gardens
  • Discovering Persepolis, the most impressive heritage from the Persian Empire
  • Visiting Shiraz, the land of gardens and poetry
  • losing yourself in the spiral and mysterious Bazaars in Iran
  • Visiting the UNESCO Global Geopark of Qeshm Island
  • Walking in the natural wonders of Chahkooh and the Stars Valley
  • Riding a ferry in the Persian Gulf
  • Visiting the otherworldly beauty of Rainbow Valley
  • Riding a boat in the unique Mangrove Jungles
  • Visiting The capital, a mixture of the modern and traditional lifestyles

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Day 1 : Arrive in Isfahan

Welcome to Iran, a land full of wonders. This tour starts from Isfahan, famous for its constant beautifications. There are many routes to visit the main sights of Isfahan but our recommendation is starting from the Atiq Mosque*. Then, we will hear a short history of the architecture in Isfahan and then through the old bazaar, we will have access to the Naqsh-e Jahan square, which built-in the Safavid time. In the square, we will visit two outstanding mosques and a wonderful palace.

You will see:
Atiq Mosque, Chehel Sotoun Palace, traditional Bazaar, Naqsh-e Jahan square including Shah (Imam) Mosque, Sheykh Lotfollah mosque, and Ali Qapou Palace.

You will experience:
Walking in a bazaar, a market place seen mostly in the Middle East and understanding its financial role in society
Singing your national music at the music hall in the Ali Qapu Palace.

You will know:
The history of the Safavid Dynasties as the beginning of the dominance of Shia, and the flourishing time of art and architecture. The history of Isfahan and the period it went to be the capital of the Safavid Dynasty.
The Persian-Islamic art and its aesthetic features in mosques, palaces, and pavilions.

Shahid Beheshti International Airport-Isfahan: 30 Km

A 4-star hotel in Isfahan

The possibility of some sightseeing may change depending on religious ceremonies.

Day 2 : Isfahan- City tour

We will go to the Jolfa Neighborhood to visit the Vank or Maria Church and the Music Museum (you can probably experience a live concert). Then we will visit the old bridges in Isfahan. 33 Bridge (Si-o se pol) and the Khaju Bridge. After them, we can go to your hotel or go for a walk to see the Hotel Abbasi Garden close to the bridges as an option.

You will see:
Jolfa Neighborhood, Vank or Maria Church, Music Museum, 33 Bridge and Khajoo Bridge, Hotel Abbasi Garden

You will Experience:
The difference between the Armenians and the Muslims’ neighborhoods in a city.
Experience a live concert of traditional music.*

You will know:
The history and the story of the Christians and the Armenian living in Isfahan among the Muslims.
A brief theory of Traditional Iranian Music, and its instruments.

A 4-star hotel in Isfahan

Note: The possibility of a live concert in the Music Museum depends on religious ceremonies and holidays.

Day 3 : Isfahan- City tour

Today we will see the Hasht Behesht Palace, on top of the most beautiful palaces in the world in the Safavid era, and then, a little far from the city center, we will visit the Monar Jonban, an adobe campanile with 17.5m height, famous for its marvelous architecture trembling without collapse, and the Atashgah Mountain, a fire temple where Zoroastrian used to run their religious ceremonies.

You will see:
Hasht Behesht Palace, Monar Jonban (the Shaking Minarets), Atashgah Mountain.

You will Experience:
Standing in awe of the ingenuity implied in Monar Jonban, an architecture trembling without collapsing

You will know:
A brief history of Zoroastrian, their religion and their special ceremonies and how their culture is tied with the other parts of the country.
The architecture of minaret and its importance in Islam.
A short history and the story of Sufism in Iran.

A 4-star hotel in Isfahan

Isfahan- Atashgah: 13 Km

Day 4 : Drive to Shiraz via Pasargadae

After checking out of the hotel, we will drive to Shiraz via Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage), the first dynastic capital of the Achaemenid Empire, and visit the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenes (the first Persian empire). Upon arrival in Shiraz, we can visit the Quran Gate, the northeastern entrance of the city belonging to three centuries ago.

You will see:
Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heritage), Quran Gate

You will Experience:
Exploring the first outstanding embodiment of the Achaemenes, and the tomb of Cyrus the Great

You will know:
A summary of the history of the Achaemenid Empire as the first and the most powerful “Persian” dynasty

Isfahan- Pasargadae: 356 Km
Pasargadae -Shiraz: 135 Km

A 4-star hotel in Shiraz

Day 5 : Shiraz- City tour

We will have an excursion to Persepolis and Necropolis (UNESCO World Heritage), in one of the most important days of your trip for visiting the Persepolis, the summer palace of the Achaemenid Dynasty in 2500 years ago. Darius the Great started to build the complex.
In the evening, you will have a short city tour in Shiraz, which is famous for its poetry. We can visit the famous Persian garden, Eram Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), and the tomb of Hafiz, one of the most popular poets of all time among the Iranians. You will know more about hafiz and his effects on the culture and beliefs of the people of this country.

You will see:
Persepolis and Necropolis (UNESCO World Heritage), Eram Garden, the tomb of Hafiz

You will Experience:
Walking in the ruined abandoned complex of palaces and feel the transience of power
Walking in a Persian Garden
Having faal (telling your fortune) based on Hafiz`s poems in his tomb

You will know:
The history of the Achaemenid Empire and how they reached power, how they extend their land and many details about Persepolis palaces
The architectural features of the Persian gardens. The importance of water in the Persian garden and its functions
A summary of the Persian classic literature and one important poet

Shiraz- Persepolis: 60 Km
Persepolis- Necropolis: 12 Km

A 4-star hotel in Shiraz

Day 6 : City tour- Flight to Qeshm Island

In the morning, we will start a full-day city tour, visit the Nasir-Ol Molk Mosque (the Pink Mosque), and its multitude of stained glass, creating a colorful atmosphere you will never forget. Then we will visit another Persian garden, the Narenjestan Qavam Garden, then a traditional school, the Khan School and the Vakil Complex (Bath, Bazaar, and mosque belonging to the 1760s) and in the evening, we will see Karim Khan Citadel. At the end of the visits, we will fly to Qeshm Island, to see the wonderful combination of the cultural and natural attractions in the south of Iran.

You will see:
Nasirolmolk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Narenjestan Garden, Khan School and Vakil Complex (Bath, Bazaar and mosque), Karim Khan Citadel

You will Experience:
Being exposed to an extended rainbow of lights coming through the stained glass. Discovering another wonderful Persian Garden

You will know:
The history of Shiraz and the history of the Zand Dynasty and their conflict with the Qajar dynasty, which had a sad story about the founder of the Zand Dynasty.
Traditional & religious education (teaching Shiite Fiqh) system in Iran.
How traditional bath works.
The architecture of citadels and a combination of military center and residential one in Iran.

Flight Shiraz-Qeshm: 1h 25m

Local guesthouse in Qeshm

Covering all these sites depend on the flight schedule.
These flights are only on Saturdays, nowadays. The schedule may change, leading to the change of the itinerary.

Day 7 : Qeshm- Visiting the Natural Wonders

Welcome to Qeshm, full of natural wonders. (UNESCO Global Geo-park).
This itinerary is designed to give you a sense of the many of the diversities in Iran, culturally & naturally speaking. You will visit the natural sites and enjoy this variety: The Chahkooh Canyon as a geological phenomenon of the natural erosion of wind and rain, the Stars Valley where you will be amazed at the naturally eroded rocks, the Salt cave, covered by and consists of salt stones, Kharbas Cave and Naz Island.

You will see:
Chahkooh Canyon, Stars Valley, Salt cave, Kharbas Cave and Naz Island

You will Experience:
Having local food in a village
Being amazed at the effects of natural forces on the soils and rocks and walking among and climbing them in different natural sites of Qeshm

You will know:
Qeshm as a Geo-park, its geographical wonders, and the lifestyle of local people.
The stories of locals about the formation of the Star Valley

Local guesthouse in Qeshm

Day 8 : Excursion to Hormuz

We will go to Hormuz Island with a ferry, which is famous for its colorful soil. We will have a short tour around the island, starting by visiting the Portuguese Castle and the story of their presence in the south of Iran. Then we will go to the Museum & Art Gallery of Ahmad Nadalian, a famous Iranian artist who helped flourishing the tourism of Hormuz, to get familiar with the local art. Then we will start our nature tour through visiting the island`s wonderful cliff, beaches, colorful soil, and Mangrove Jungle.

You will see:
Rainbow Valley, Portuguese Castle, Museum & Art Gallery of Ahmad Nadalian based on the local art, Mangrove Jungle

You will Experience:
Walking in the Rainbow valley in Hormuz
Riding a ferry between Qeshm and Hormuz
Eating Local bread
Riding a boat in Mangrove Jungle

You will know:
A short history of Portuguese invasion to the south of Iran and their impact on their culture.
Art, as the locals present it

Qeshm- Hormoz: 30 minutes by water

Local guesthouse in Qeshm

Day 9 : Fly to Tehran and home

Departure or sightsee in Tehran.

This is the last day of this amazing tour. Finally, we may have a shopping plan or drive directly to the airport to fly from Tehran. In Tehran, based on your departure flight time, you either go directly to IKA airport or stay a few hours in your hotel close to the airport. On the way to IKA, we will be able to visit the holy shrine of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic republic.

You will see:
The holy shrine of Imam Khomeini

You will Experience:
Shopping in Iran, Iranians paying homage to the founder of the Islamic Revolution

You will know:
Imam Khomeini and his role in the Islamic revolution

Local guesthouse in Qeshm

Flight to Tehran: 2 hours
Mehrabad Airport-IKA: 52 Km

Based on your flight time, your mood and departing time from Qeshm we can have a short time in bazaar or Malls, or any other program recommended.

  • The first & last day of programs depends on your flight time, so the necessary changes will be made accordingly.
  • This itinerary can be tailor-made according to your interests.
  • The possibility of all the visits depends on weekdays.

  • Visa authorization number fee.
  • 9 nights in comfortable 4star hotels and guesthouses
  • All lunches
  • Entrance tickets for places and monuments.
  • All internal transportation by private bus/ mini bus/ van or normal sedan.
  • See transportation with ferry.
  • Fuel and road tolls
  • All expenses of driver and guide like food and accommodation.
  • Airport transfer.
  • Bottled water while sightseeing and daily snack.
  • Expertise of Gate of nation’s travel specialists, tour guide.
  • Fuel and road tolls.
  • All expenses of driver and guide like food and accommodation.
  • R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG.
  • International flights
  • Extra services at hotel like phone call, laundry…
  • Dinners.
  • Tips (optional)
  • Entrance tickets for places and monuments

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