The Spectacular North of Iran

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The northern part of Iran is so popular for Iranians and a fantastic place to experience a different culture through the purity of nature. It is a common belief that only deserts in Iran are worth visiting for tourists; however, the rich green nature including UNESCO World Heritage forests and northern lifestyle according to the ecosystem will be memorable to you.


The Beauty of the Caspian Sea and Hyrcanian Forest Through the History and Culture

The Route is: Tehran ? Alamut ? Qazvin ? Masouleh ? Anzali ? Ramsar ? Lavij ? Gorgan ? Damqan ? Tehran

SeasonAll around the year except winter
StyleMix of Culture and Nature
Hotel Rate3 and 4-star hotels, ecolodge
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The northern part of Iran is so popular for Iranians and a fantastic place to experience a different culture through the purity of nature. Our north of Iran tour starts with driving to the fantastic valley of Alamut to visit an amazing lake with beautiful nature next to high range mountains, but the main destination is Alamut castle with its amazing structure. The Alamut castle was founded by Hassan-Sabbah for Assassins to defend against their enemy. Next, we drive to Qazvin, which was the capital of Iran for a couple of years in the 16th century by the Safavid dynasty. After driving through Alborz mountains, the scenery becomes different when we get to the ancient Hyrcanian forest landscape and rice farms. Hyrcanian forests cover a unique forested massif that stretches 850 km along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. The history of these broad-leaved forests dates back 25 to 50 million years when they covered most of this Northern Temperate region. This forest was recognized as a natural world heritage in 2019 by UNESCO.

The first destination in Guilan province is the rural museum, which presents the culture of the people in that region and then we drive to the heart of the Hyrcanian forest to have a hike to a high fortress, Roud-Khan, an ancient fortress with amazing scenery and unconquerable towers. Spending one night in Masouleh, the most beautiful vertical village in Iran would be a memorable experience for everyone. After Masouleh, we drive to the sea to visit Bandar Anzali (Alzani Port), riding a boat in the lagoon and have a walk in the seaport to complete your fourth day in the north.

Our journey continues on the coast road and passing by several towns to reach Ramsar, the most beautiful town in the north of Iran, where the forest and the sea join together. There,  you will experience riding a cable car from the seashore to the top of a mountain through the forest. Also visiting the palace of Reza-Shah Pahlavi, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty in the 20th century, is in your itinerary in Ramsar.

After driving for a couple of hours on the coast road, the next destination is Lavij, a high village in the heart of Alborz mountains and famous for having a hot spring and natural spa. This natural spa is the best way to relax and refresh you for the rest of the tour. After leaving Lavij, we drive to the eastern part of the northern line and before arriving at Gorgan province, we visit a UNESCO world heritage; Abbas-Abad garden of Behshahr. This Persian garden has a complicated hydraulic system and it is very different from other Persian gardens.

The sightseeing in Gorgan province includes Gonbad-e-Qabus, the highest brick-made tower with an impressive structure and a UNESCO world heritage. Also the ancient cemetery of Khaled-Nabi with ancient gravestones, which have a peculiar and exotic erotic style.

After leaving Gorgan, our route to coming back to Tehran is on the ancient Silk Road and before arriving at Damqan for overnighting, we visit Bastam, an ancient and important town located on the Silk Road and there we visit Bazayid-Bastami mausoleum, which was a famous Sufi. Then we take a look at Kashaneh tower, an amazing structure from the Mongols era. Visiting Jame mosque of Bastam, will complete our city tour in Bastam. On the last day of your north of Iran tour, we will visit Tarikhaneh Mosque in Damqan, which is the second oldest mosque in Iran and also Jame mosque of Semnan before reaching Tehran.

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  • Stop by 3 UNESCO world heritage sites of Iran
  • Driving in some parts of the ancient Silk Road
  • Walking into the fantastic ancient Hyrcanian forest
  • Alamut, the mysterious castle of Assassins
  • Driving through Alborz mountains with spectacular sceneries
  • Being amazed at the incredible fortress of Roud-Khan
  • Caspian sea with amazing sandy seashores
  • Visiting the highest brick made tower in the world
  • Discovering Masouleh, an ancient vertical village
  • The erotic style gravestones in Khaled-Nabi cemetery
  • Being amazed at the scenery of the Caspian sea while riding the cable car in Ramsar
  • Swimming in a natural spa in the Lavij village
  • Visiting the second oldest mosque of Iran

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