The Geo-Archaeo Face of Iran

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The Most Spectacular Geological and Archaeological Sites of Iran

Gate of Nations is proud to be the first Iranian tour operator to focus on Geo-tours and the geomorphological features of Iran, which are less known and less emphasized upon, yet drastically important. Here, in this experiential journey The Geo-Archaeo face of  Iran, the main themes are geology, archaeology, and art, along with other cultural and natural discoveries, adding more excitement to this exploration.


The Route is: Tehran ✈ Dezful ? Hamedan ? Zanjan ? Tehran ✈ Qeshm ✈ Shiraz ? Rafsanjan ? Kerman ? Tabas ? Mesr ? Damqan ? Sari ? Tehran

SeasonSpring and Autumn
StyleGeo-Tour and Archaeology
Hotel Rate3, 4 and local houses
VehicleDepends on the size of the group



At first of the Geo-Archaeo face of iran tour , in Khuzestan province, three UNESCO World Heritage sites are located, indicating the rich history of civilization in this area. On the second day through Zagros mountains with spectacular scenery, we pass by Kabir-Kooh anticline and the huge landslide of Seimareh. Having visited Afrineh Waterfall, we arrive at Hamedan, the city of mystic people and different religions. There we visit Ganjnameh inscriptions and waterfall. On the way to the northwest of Iran, we pay a visit to Alisadr Cave, which is a candidate as the longest water cave on the earth and just before to arrive at Zanjan, Soltanyeh dome would catch your eyes with a spectacular turquoise color on the dome (UNESCO World Heritage). A full day of excursion around Zanjan would amaze you; Takht-e-Soleiman, another UNESCO World Heritage with ancient temples of Zoroastrian people and also a travertine mount with a fantastic view and the castle of Behestan are another places in your itinerary. Having driven from Zanjan to Tehran, we visit the Geology Museum and then fly to Qeshm island from Mehr-Abad airport.

In Qeshm, which is a world geo-park, we visit some geological attractions. Chahkooh Gorge, Stars Valley and Hara Forest and also a full day of excursion in Hormuz island would complete our two days in the southern part of Iran. After flying to Shiraz, we start a full day of archaeology sightseeing with Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam bas-reliefs and Pasargadae. Having spent the night in a local house in Bavanat, we drive to Kerman province, and before arriving at Rafsanjan, we visit a Troglodyte village, Meymand, which is a UNESCO World Heritage because of the cultural landscape of the village. In Rafsanjan, we visit a beautiful gorge, Rageh, shaped by natural forces like erosion.

We have a full day of excursion in Kerman with amazing places to see; the day starts with visiting Rayen Citadel, the biggest survived adobe-made town in the world. Then we drive back to Mahan and after visiting Shazdeh garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Persian garden, In the afternoon, we drive to Lut desert, the natural UNESCO World Heritage, to have the amazing sunset through the desert. Dig-Rostam hot spring, Nayband and Esfahak villages and experiencing an overnight in Esfahak are the great experiences of this trip.

Around Tabas we have a look at the ancient dome of Kurit and Morteza-Ali gorge a beautiful canyon that leads you to a hot spring. Mesr desert, our next item, is the most beautiful desert in the central area. After Semnan, and Damqan , we drive to Sari, the capital of Mazandaran province next to Caspian sea and we visit Badab-Soort spring with amazing travertine terraces en-route including roads through Hyrcanian forest, a natural UNESCO World Heritage in Iran.

The last day of the tour belongs to the north to visit the Caspian sea, which is the biggest lake on the earth and on the way back to Tehran, we pass by mount Damavand, the highest pick of the middle east and the highest volcano mount of Asia.

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  • Stopping by 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Being surprised at a huge Ziggurat from 2000 BC
  • Exploring the fantastic ancient hydraulic system of Shushtar
  • Walking in Susa, the first civilization place in Iran
  • Driving through Zagros mountains with spectacular sceneries
  • Walking into one of the longest water caves on the earth
  • Visiting the biggest brick dome in the world
  • Visiting Qeshm Island, the lonely Geopark of Iran
  • Looking at the huge landslide of Seimareh
  • Strolling in Hormuz Island, a huge salt dome with different sceneries
  • Discovering two spectacular deserts of Iran, each unique in style
  • Experiencing overnight in local houses in different areas
  • Standing in awe of Rage Valley, a magnificent natural structure
  • Touching the sands of the Caspian sea and looking at the highest volcano mount in Asia in one day

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