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Touch the Pure Culture of Persia in 10 Days

The western part of Iran is less known for tourists and has less trodden paths, but satisfied with wondrous places to see and fantastic things to experience. This is a package for those who have seen the golden triangle of Iran and are saturated with the famous names and yearn for new experiences and discoveries.


The Route is: Tehran ? Kashan ? Isfahan ? Yazd ? Shiraz ✈️ Tehran

Season All around the year
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“The Pure Culture of Persia” is a pure classic tour, best for those who wish to see the golden triangle of Iran: Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. These are the cities famous from the time of yore, being introduced in journals of well-known travelers and orientalists. This trip shows you the essence of Iran, embodied in art and history.

We travel to Kashan, one of the most important cultural cities in Iran. After spending a day in there, our journey continues on the road to Isfahan and visiting Abyaneh, one of the oldest villages in Iran en-route.

We will see for two days, the architectural wonders of Isfahan and you will hear the stories being carried on for centuries. After Isfahan, we will walk through the cob alleys in Yazd, the only city of Iran the whole of which is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Also you will meet the Zoroastrian people and their way of living.

Our next destination is Shiraz, famous for its poetry originating from the 13th and 14th centuries, wine and the sedating Persian Gardens. This trip will end after a full day sightseeing in the central part of Tehran and you will be transferred directly to Ika airport according to your departure flight time.


  • Stopping by 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Visiting the capital, a mixture of modern and traditional lifestyles
  • Walking in the peaceful Persian Gardens
  • Being amazed at the turquoise mosques of Isfahan
  • Discovering Persepolis, the most impressive heritage from the Persian Empire
  • Exploring Yazd, one of the oldest towns in the world with clay alleys and houses
  • Visiting Shiraz, the land of gardens and poetry
  • Wandering in the spiral and mysterious Bazaars in Iran
  • Visiting Kashan, land of the carpet and rosewater
  • Getting to know the Safavid palaces in Isfahan, the masterpieces of Iranian art

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