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The Fascinating Geo-Park of Qeshm and Hormoz Island

If you want to see canyons, caves, culture, colors, and foods, there are a number of fantastic spots in Qeshm & Hormoz island that can surprise you!


The Route is: Tehran Qeshm ? Hormoz ? Bandar-Abbas Tehran/Dubai

SeasonFrom November to April
Hotel Rate3 Star and Eco-Lodge
VehicleDepends on the size of the group



Qeshm Island, the lonely geo-park and the widest island in the Persian Gulf, attracts lots of tourists annually, who are interested in geology, flora and fauna, the culture of local people and discovering unknown places. 

This tour is focused on the geological face of the island and discovering this spectacular Geo-park. Qeshm island is a part of the huge mountain range of Zagros, which has been deformed by the result of the pressure of Saudia Arabia plateau. The Geo-sites of the island are the best samples of erosion-made formations and also you visit Cuesta hills, anticline of Salakh, Dolines, Rockfalls, encrustation, erosion-made gorges, and valleys. Also, there is a salt dome in the western part of the island, which has the longest salt cave in the world with 6600m length. 

You can find a great variety of flora and fauna in Qeshm. The most famous one is the mangrove trees, which is called Hara forest by the Iranians. A huge area on the northern coast of the island is covered by mangrove trees. Also in winter on the southern coast, you can find a crown of turtles lying on the beach and, by renting a boat, you can see Dolphins jumping up and down in the ocean. 

Read more about Qeshm & Hormoz Island in our blog.

Hormuz Island is the other destination on this trip. Hormuz is known as the rainbow island and the paradise of geologists. The entire island is a salt dome with a volcano and erosion-made formations. In Hormuz, you can visit a manifold of geo-sites. Salt dome and cave, red and silver beaches, statue valley, the rainbow valley, and cave. This variety of colors in the soil of Hormuz is the main attraction for tourists to visit the island.


  • Visiting the lonely Geo-Park of Iran
  • A discovery in Hormoz, the rainbow island
  • Namakdan, the longest salty cave on the earth
  • Hormoz island, a salt dome mixed with volcano sceneries

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Day 1 : ✈ to Qeshm Island

Flying from Tehran to Qeshm or Bandar-Abbas (40 minutes far from Qeshm with ferry) and transferring directly to your hotel in Qeshm… Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf and the lonely geo-park of Iran. Geo-sites in Qeshm are mostly showing the water erosion and sedimentary rocks and cuesta. Also, a huge salt dome is located at the west of the island.Distances: The duration of the flight from Tehran is 1 hour and half. Accommodation: A 3-star hotel in Qeshm.

Day 2 : Daily excursion in Geo-Park of Qeshm

At this day, we visit some geo-sites in the southwest part of the island. The salt dome (diapir) of Namakdan is a unique structure in the island including several outstanding structural, mineralogical, erosional and sedimentary sceneries. In this geo-site the world record Namakdan cave exists, the world longest salt cave, 6500 meters. Geo-link geo-site, located in the area between Shur valley and Namakdan geo-site, includes variety of geological features. This Geo-site is the southern flank of Salakh anticline as a showcase for the erosion and anticline related phenomena and features. There are different geological and geomorphologic features in this geo-site namely: erosion forms, Cuesta hills, Dolines, rock falls and Encrustation.You will see: The salt dome and cave of Namakdan, Shur valley and Geo-link geo-sites. You will Experience: Strolling and observing the spectacular landscape of Geo-Park of Qeshm Accommodation: A 3star hotel in Qeshm

Day 3 : Daily excursion in Geo-Park of Qeshm

The third day in Qeshm belongs to visiting a couple of places in the Geo-park. Chah-Kooh gorge is located in the northwest part of the island near West-Chahu village. This geo-site is a good example of running water erosion and formation of a canyon from valley. The erosion was the secondary parameter to create this valley. It was happened along a deep joint and crack resulting Salakh anticline movement. So the primary parameter was the structural forces. Hara biosphere reserve, with an area of about 9000 ha, is known as the largest mangrove stand in the Persian Gulf. You will see: Chah-Kooh gorge, Statues valley, Hara mangrove trees You will Experience: A boat riding in Persian Gulf through Mangrove trees. Accommodation: A 3-star hotel in Qeshm

Day 4 : Daily excursion in Geo-Park of Qeshm

Another full day sightseeing in Qeshm island. The Stars valley, which is called Estareh-Kafteh in local dialect, is one of the most important erosional phenomena in Iran. In this valley there is a variety of geomorphological phenomena which shaped several interconnected branches of small valleys. Besides the mechanical erosion of water which is the main factor of shaping this area, there are many other factors such as different types of rocks with different resistance, the intercalation of gypsum and the different regional tectonic activities. You will see: Geology museum of Qeshm, Stars valley, Khorbas caves You will Experience: The spectacular landscape of Stars valley Accommodation: A 3-star hotel in Qeshm

Day 5 : Going to Hormuz Island with ferry

Hormuz, known as the rainbow island and a paradise for geologists. To get there, we will take a ferry. Hormuz Island is located on the east of Qeshm and closer to Bandar-Abbas seaport. The island is covered by sedimentary rocks and layers of volcanic material on its surface. Due to a lack of precipitation, the soil and water are salty. In Hormuz we discover the rainbow valley with various shapes of the sediments and the colorful soil. Also we visit the salt dome, which is called salt-goddess by the local people, and the red-soil beach with its amazing red and silver sand. You will see: The salt dome and cave, Statue valley, the rainbow cave and valley, the red and silver beach and turtle beach. You will Experience: Being amazed at the variety of colors of the soil in the island. Riding a ferry in the Persian Gulf. Distances: Qeshm to Hormuz takes about 1 hour by ferry Accommodation: An eco-lodge in Hormuz Island

Day 6 : Excursion in Hormuz Island

Hormuz carries an interesting historical background, as well. Our visitation would be complete by looking at the Portuguese castle, the old town, as well as Dr. Nadalian museum.You will see: Portuguese castle and Dr. Nadalian museum You will Experience: The lifestyle of the local people and the culture of living in Hormuz Accommodation: An eco-lodge in Hormuz Island

Day 7 : Hormuz to Bandar-Abbas by ferry and ✈ to Tehran

Leaving Hormuz Island to Bandar-Abbas by ferry in the morning and being tranfered directly from the jetty to the airport to fly back to Tehran.Distances: Hormuz to Bandar-Abbas takes approximately 30 minutes The duration of flight to Tehran is 1 hour and half
  • The first & last day of programs, depend on your flight time, so the necessary changes will be made accordingly.
  • This itinerary can be tailor-made according to your interests.

  • Visa authorization number fee.
  • 6 nights in a comfortable 4star hotels.
  • All lunches
  • All domestic flights.
  • Entrance tickets for places and monuments.
  • All internal transportation by private bus/ mini bus/ van or normal sedan.
  • See transportation with ferry.
  • Fuel and road tolls
  • All expenses of driver and guide like food and accommodation.
  • Airport transfer.
  • Bottled water while sightseeing and daily snack.
  • Expertise of Gate of nation’s travel specialists, tour guide.
  • Fuel and road tolls.
  • All expenses of driver and guide like food and accommodation.
  • R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG.
  • International flights
  • Extra services at hotel like phone call, laundry…
  • Dinners.
  • Tips (optional)

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