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Meet the True Persia in 14 Days

The True Persia is Iran Historical & Heritage Tour which is our last classic tour, adding another eye-catching destination to the triangle of Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz: Kerman province. Aside from the architectural wonders of those previous provinces, we, the most enthusiastic experts in tourism, will bring to your attention what is unique to this land: nature entangled with culture. Follow us.


The Route is: Tehran ? Kashan ? Isfahan ? Yazd ? Shiraz ✈️ Tehran

Season All around the year
Style Classic
Hotel Rate ★★★★
Vehicle Depends on the size of the group


Detail Iran Historical & Heritage Tour:

This is our last classic tour, adding another eye-catching destination to the triangle of Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz: Kerman province. Aside from the architectural wonders of those previous provinces, we, the most enthusiastic experts in tourism, will bring to your attention what is unique to this land: nature entangled with culture. Follow us.

After arriving at IKA airport, we start the tour with traveling to Kashan, which is one of the most important cultural cities in Iran and located at the border of mountains and desert. Our journey continues on the road to Isfahan, visiting Abyaneh, one of the oldest villages in Iran en-route.

Like our other classic tours, we will have two days full of architectural wonders in Isfahan city each having a hidden story in its bosom. After Isfahan, we will walk through the cob alleys in Yazd, the only city of Iran the whole of which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Moreover, you will meet the Zoroastrian people and their special ceremonies.

In Kerman, you will experience the most amazing sites you may have never seen before in your journeys: a huge adobe citadel with high towers and walls and the most mysterious desert in Iran called Shahdad. The latter is famous for its naturally structured Kaluts, making it so special that it has attracted many specialists whole around the world.

Our next destination is Shiraz, famous for its poetry originating from the 13th and 14th centuries. The diversity of food and restaurants makes you feel sedated and reposed. This trip will end after a full day sightseeing in the central part of Tehran and you will be transferred directly to IKA airport according to your departure flight time.

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  • Stopping by 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Visiting the capital, a mixture of modern and traditional lifestyles
  • Walking in the peaceful Persian Gardens
  • Being amazed at the turquoise mosques of Isfahan
  • Discovering Persepolis, the most impressive heritage from the Persian Empire
  • Exploring Yazd, one of the oldest towns in the world with clay alleys and houses
  • Touching the magnitude of Shahdad desert in Kerman
  • Discovering a heaven in the midst of a desert, called Shazdeh Garden
  • Visiting Shiraz, the land of gardens and poetry
  • Wandering in the spiral and mysterious Bazaars in Iran
  • Visiting Kashan, land of the carpet and rosewater
  • Getting to know the Safavid palaces in Isfahan city, the masterpieces of Iranian art

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Day 1 : Driving to Kashan via Qom

Welcome to Iran, a land full of wonders. Your guide who accompanies you during this trip will welcome you at the IKA airport with flowers. IKA airport is located at the southern part of Tehran alongside a highway connecting Tehran all the way to the Persian Gulf, south of Iran. You would be transferred directly to Kashan, which is located at the border of the Zagros Mountain desert. Kashan is famous for rosewater and its carpets. On the road, we will stop to visit Qom, the capital of Shia to visit a holy shrine.You will see: Fatima-al-Masoumeh mausoleum in Qom, Kashan Bazaar You will Experience: Witnessing how people pay homage to their leader You will know: More about Shia and Islam religion. Distances: Ika airport to Kashan is 180 km (about 2 hours) Accommodation: A traditional 4star hotel in Kashan

Day 2 : City tour in Kashan

A full day of sightseeing in Kashan would bring you a new experience in Iran. A world heritage Persian garden is the first destination in Kashan and meeting an ancient hill that shows an ancient residence from 5000 years ago. Also, Kashan is famous for huge houses with dizzyingly gorgeous yards and halls.You will see: Fin garden, Sialk hills, Borujerdi and Tabatabai historical houses, Soltan-Ahmad bathhouse, Aqa-Bozorg mosque. You will experience: Walking on an ancient hill and in a Persian Garden, where history and nature are truly combined. Witnessing the process of taking rosewater from the roses. Accommodation: A traditional 4star hotel in Kashan

Day 3 : Driving to Isfahan

After leaving Kashan and spending one hour on the road, we will visit Abyaneh, a village from thousands of years ago with a distinct culture and landscape. Then we continue to go to Isfahan and in the evening, we walk on two magnificent bridges there.You will see: Abyaneh village, Si-o-se-pol and Khaju bridges You will Experience: Being among the people in Abyaneh village whose lifestyles and culture are unique; walking on the magnificent bridges in Isfahan Distances: Kashan to Isfahan via Abyaneh is 250km (about 3 hours) Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Isfahan

Day 4 : City tour in Isfahan

A full day of sightseeing in Isfahan including Naqsh-e-Jahan square awaits you. This is a huge area and the second biggest square in the world where we will visit two spectacular mosques and two glorious palaces. All around the square, are handicraft shops where you can find the best souvenirs in Iran. In the afternoon, on the other side of the river, which is called New-Jolfa, we visit an Armenian church and the magnificent Music Museum.You will see: Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, Imam, and Sheikh-Lotfallah mosques, Ali-Qapu edifice, Bazaar, Chehelsotoun palace, Vank church. Music Museum. You will Experience: Being amazed by the most beautiful mosques in Iran and the variety of arts in Bazaar and Palaces. Also, you are invited for a live music performance in the Music Museum by Iranian artists performing on Persian instruments. You will know: Safavid dynasty and their culture and art and also how the Shia became the official religion of Iran. Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Isfahan

Day 5 : City tour in Isfahan

Half a day sightseeing including Jame mosque of Isfahan is on our list, and then you will have a free afternoon to discover Bazaar and beautiful streets and the peaceful gardens in Isfahan.You will see: Jame mosque of Isfahan, Bazaar, streets, and gardens You will know: The process of construction and development of Jame mosque of Isfahan and the characteristics of architecture in the Islamic era in Iran. Also, you will know more about the traditional music of Iran. Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Isfahan

Day 6 : Driving to Yazd via Naein and Meybod

We leave Isfahan for Yazd and have a couple of stops on the way to visit two desert towns, Naein and Meybod. In Naein we visit Jame mosque and will have a walk in the old alleys and Bazaar. Also in Meybod, we visit a spectacular castle and certain historical places, at the end of the day we arrive in Yazd.You will see: Jame mosque of Naein, Old part of Naein, Narin castle, Abbasi Caravanserai, an ice house, a pigeon house. You will Experience: Walking in two desert towns and cob covered buildings with wind towers and cisterns You will know: How the ice houses worked in the past as well as the pigeon houses. Also, you will know more about Caravanserai. Accommodation: A traditional 4star hotel in Yazd Distances: Isfahan to Yazd is 300km (about 4 hours)

Day 7 : City tour in Yazd

in Yazd Yazd has the biggest society of Zoroastrians in Iran who are living in peace with Muslims and have their own rituals and ceremonies. In Yazd, we will visit a fire temple and a museum of Zoroastrians as well as the Tower of Silence. Also, Yazd has an old method in architecture and textiles. This city is called “the city of wind towers” because this smart structure was invented by Iranians for cooling the houses and Yazd has the most of them. In Yazd, we will walk in the narrow cob covered alleys which are very different from other parts of Iran. A Persian Garden in Yazd, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has the highest wind tower in Iran is our next destination in Yazd. The whole city is inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage city.You will see: The tower of silence, the fire temple, Jame mosque, Dolat-Abad Garden, Amir-Chakhmaq square, Fahadan district, water museum, Zoorkhaneh You will Experience: Walking in narrow cob covered alleys, meeting a fire burning from 1700 years ago and feeling the wind through the highest wind tower. Witnessing a unique Persian gym and Pahlevani sport which is practiced in a place called Zoorkhaneh You will know: The Zoroastrians ceremonies and their way of worshiping, how wind towers work, how Qanat works to provide water for the town Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Yazd

Day 8 : Driving to Kerman and City tour

We will have a half-day driving to Kerman with a stop on the road to visit a circular Caravanserai in the desert with a cup of tea in a teahouse and in the afternoon, we will visit a complex in Kerman which includes Bazaar, bathhouse, and Sarai. Also, we will take a look at an ancient monument called Jabalieh Dome.You will see: Zein-al-Din Caravanserai, Ganj-Ali-Khan complex, Jabalieh dome You will experience: A panoramic view of desert on the roof of the Caravanserai Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Kerman Distances: Yazd to Kerman is 360km (about 4 hours)

Day 9 : An excursion to Mahan and Lut desert

It is a special day for you for you will visit some amazing places in Kerman province. We start with a huge and extraordinary Citadel in Rayen in the morning and then a UNESCO World Heritage Persian garden in Mahan with a spectacular landscape of central mountains of Iran. The excursion continues with a visit to a Sufi mausoleum in Mahan and then a drive on a fantastic road through central mountains to Lut desert, a Natural UNESCO World Heritage in Iran.You will see: Rayen Citadel, Shazdeh garden, Shah-Nemat-Allah-Vali mausoleum, Lut desert You will know: About Sufis, one of the biggest adobe complexes, and the geographical face of the central part of Iran You will experience: Witnessing a spectacular sunset in the desert, walking in an ancient huge citadel Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Kerman

Day 10 : Driving to Shiraz via Meymand and Pasargadae

We will have a long drive from Kerman to Shiraz with two stops on the road to visit two UNESCO world heritage sites. Pasargadae, where Cyrus the Great’s tomb is and also the Meymand village, which is hand carved under the ground.You will see: Pasargadae, Meymand You will know: Where the first Achaemenid empire began and Cyrus the great started an empire You will experience: The culture of the ancient people of Meymand, with an average age of 50 now living there Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Shiraz Distances: Kerman to Shiraz 590km (about 8 hours)

Day 11 : City tour in Shiraz

A full day of sightseeing in Shiraz, the land of poets and artists awaits you. We will visit a masterpiece of tilework in a mosque called “the Pink-Mosque” and two Persian gardens full of flowers and orange trees. The Bazaar of Shiraz is famous for its spices. We will go to tea houses next to the mosque and a citadel from the 18th century. In the afternoon, nowhere is better than Hafiz mausoleum, one of the greatest poets in the history of Persian literature as well as Saadi, another great poet from Shiraz. Also, we visit Shah-Cheragh mausoleum which is a grand holy shrine for Shia people.You will see: Nasir-Al-Molk mosque, Eram and Narenjestan-Ghavam gardens, Vakil Bazaar, Kharim-Khan citadel, Hafiz, Saadi, and Shah-Cheraq mausoleums You will Experience: You will be amazed by watching the sunshine through colorful windows on the carpets of the Pink-Mosque and how beautiful and peaceful are the gardens of Shiraz. You will know: How the capital of Iran in the 18th century was, who Iranian poets were, and also how Shia religion is embodied in Shah-Cheraq huge mausoleum Accommodation: A 4star hotel in Shiraz

Day 12 : Driving to Persepolis and flying back to Tehran

In the morning, we will drive for one hour to visit Persepolis, the most glorious heritage in Iran from the Persian Empire and then visit Naqsh-Rostam, the tomb of Darius and his grandchildren and several Sasanid inscriptions. In the afternoon, we will fly back to Tehran.You will see: Persepolis, Naqsh-Rostam You will Experience: Being impressed by the capital of the Persian Empire was in 500 BC and being amazed by the size of stones and columns and the detailed inscriptions. Also, the size of the tombs and details of inscriptions in Naqsh-Rostam are unbelievable and fantastic. You will know: More about the Persian Empire from 500 BC Distances: Shiraz to Persepolis is 50km (about 1 hour) Naqsh-Rostam to Shiraz airport is 60km (about 1 hour) Duration of flight to Tehran is 1 hour

Day 13 : City tour in Tehran

You will have a full-day experience in Tehran. After visiting the National Museum Designed by Andre Godard, the French Architect, we will walk to the Golestan Palace, founded by the Qajar kings and also the palace for the Pahlavi kingdom coronations. In the Bazaar, you will have the experience of visiting the busiest market in Iran. Jewelry museum is the next destination*.You will see: National Museum, Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar and the Crown Jewels Museum. You will experience: Meeting the mixture of modern and traditional ways of living in Tehran. Seeing a huge amount of jewelry pieces and standing in awe at their sizes, and their delicate design and ornamentations You will know: The history of Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. The development of Tehran from a village to the biggest city of Iran. Note: * Visiting the crown jewels museum based on their working day, the museum is open from Saturday to Tuesday 14-16.30

Day 14 : City tour in Tehran

On your last day in Tehran, you will see the northern part of the city. Two palaces from the Pahlavi era just before the Islamic revolution show the combination of the traditional and modern culture of those days. In Tajrish, we will visit a part of the city which was a separate village until 50 years ago, but now the old Bazaar is still there. In the afternoon you will be transferred to IKA airport to fly back home.You will see: Niavaran and Saad-Abad palaces, Tajrish Bazaar, Darband gorge You will experience: Strolling in grand gardens around the palaces, seeing the modern and wealthy part of the capital and also walking in a wonderful gorge You will know: More about the Pahlavi family and the last king before the revolution Distance: Tehran to Ika airport is 40km
  • The first & last days of program depend on your flight time, so the necessary changes will be made accordingly.
  • This itinerary can be tailor-made according to your interests.
  • The Possibility of all the visits depends on the weekdays.

  • Visa authorization number fee.
  • 13 nights in a comfortable 4star hotels.
  • All lunches
  • All domestic transportation by private bus/ minibus/ van or normal sedan.
  • Airport transfer.
  • Bottled water while sightseeing and daily snacks
  • The expertise of Gate of nation’s travel specialists, tour guides
  • Fuel and road tolls
  • All expenses of driver and guide like food and accommodation.
  • Travel insurance by R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
  • International flights
  • Entrance tickets for places and monuments
  • Dinners.
  • Extra services at hotels like phone calls, laundry…
  • Tips (optional)

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