Are Iranians extremely polite?

Taarof” is a Persian way to show friendly manners If you get a taxi anywhere in Iran, chances are high that when you pay, the taxi driver refuse your money. Alternatively, you enter a store, for buying something and the seller says things like “ghabeli nadare”, which is literally translated: It is not anything of value! Puzzled? The cultural practice of Taarof is the real trademark of Iran. This is not a real gift offered, it is simply cultural code and all you have to do is to play the game. It is a matter of denying your will to make the other person happy, a particular phenomenon that extends into almost all social situations. Imagine that you are invited to dinner; the host insists that you eat more and you can refuse repeatedly! It is true, the situation could become a bit’ embarrassing, but do not worry: after the third refusal we always come to an agreement.


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