What can you expect from traveling to Iran? With the mainstream media profile of this “just another middle-eastern country”, many may think that they have a pretty clear image of Iran, with the burning flags and protests. But does the media show you not the whole picture, but even a moderately realistic picture of Iran?

Traveling to Iran, knowing the currency of Iran is of great importance. Here we provide you with an abstract of what we tell the travelers to Iran. The knowledge of currency exchange in Iran would be very practical for you. Currency is usually in the form of bills in Iran and today because of a

In this part, you will be familiar with the political and governing atmosphere of the country and its social and economic relations to some extent. Honesty is the base in all the provided information and an abstract information suitable for traveling to Iran is given. Iran is located in the Middle East. Its formal name

The cultural practice of “Taarof” is a cultural custom or cultural practice, almost exclusive to Iran. It is a Persian way to show friendly manners. For someone who is not familiar with this customary code of conduct, it might seem confusing at first and a bit stressful because you don’t want to offend anyone -at

The Iranian flag with colors of green, white and red, and an emblem of Allah in the middle is the representative of Islamic Iranian country. Do you know anything about the history of changing flags in Iran? Iranian flag is in three colors of green, white and red. These colors were placed on Iranian flag

What should we wear in Iran? You are a woman and concerned about hijab status in Iran? What do you know about hijab? Is women’s traveling to Iran impossible because of its hijab issues? The first question that comes to the women’s minds when traveling to Iran is “What should we wear?” Iran is known

  You’d better have your money in Dollar or Euro because exchanging these two are easier in Iran and possible in each city. To exchange your currency to Iranian currency you have to pay attention that: There are two prices for foreign currencies in Iran. The government price and the price of free market. For

Ramadan is a month of spiritual growth and fasting, and the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. This is a month dedicated for close attention to the spiritual side of life and it has its own religious and customary rituals. The most important ritual of Ramadan -or Ramezan as it is pronounced in Persian- is

  Iran has been referred to as the “axis of evil”. Since the former US President George W. Bush’s tweets and speeches, there are lots of false rumours and also wrong references about Iran that we strongly suggest you to reconsider. In a world where people count on comments more than facts, it is essential