Kotlet: A Tasty Persian Treat

Kotlet:  A Savory Delight from Persian Cuisine and How to Make It Kotlet, the savory Iranian meat patties, are a mouthwatering delight that showcases the rich flavors and culinary heritage of Persian cuisine. These crispy and aromatic cutlets, made from ground meat and a medley of herbs and spices, are a beloved dish in Iran […]

What to expect in Iran

As a vast country with diverse local traditions, one of the highlights in traveling to Iran can be the pleasures of the table. Discovering Delicious Iranian Foods: Exploring Kababs, Khoreshts, Ash, and More Iran, a land steeped in history and culture, beckons travelers with a tantalizing promise: the delights of its cuisine. This vast country, […]

What do Iranians Eat and Drink?

Part Three Drinks Tea and mostly black tea is the main drink, in fact, it is not consumed only during breakfast, but also throughout the day. It is also possible to prepare a particular drink at home, which can also be bought packaged, based on carbonated water, yogurt and added natural flavors (dùgh). In addition […]

What do Iranians Eat and Drink?

Part Two The Main Meals The main meals are lunch, dinner, and breakfast. Sometimes the Iranians make snacks based on tea or fruit. Especially with regard to fruit, they do not have the habit of eating it in basic meals, but they are used to nibbling dried fruit and nuts, especially during the evening snack: […]

What do Iranians Eat and Drink?

Part One Mythology and Ancient Documents You can trace typical Iranian cuisine back to the earliest documents, such as the “myths of Zahak” and before that. In the legends, the art of cooking was related to the demons. But the oldest manuscripts about Iranian culinary history dates back to the Sasanian empire (224 to 651 […]

Eating in Haft Khan Restaurant of Shiraz

The people of Shiraz care a lot about good food. That’s why there are lots of restaurants with a high variety of food in this city. Haft-khan restaurant is one of the best places. Before this and while talking about the old region of Shiraz, we recommend that you have your meals in Haft Khan […]