Eating in Haft Khan Restaurant of Shiraz
MP. 7Khan restaurant in Shiraz Iran

The people of Shiraz care a lot about good food. That’s why there are lots of restaurants with a high variety of food in this city. Haft-khan restaurant is one of the best places.

Before this and while talking about the old region of Shiraz, we recommend that you have your meals in Haft Khan restaurant. Here we can talk a bit more about this amazing restaurant. We think that all visitors of Shiraz should at least try this restaurant once and that is because it has good service, high quality of food, and interesting architecture; moreover, it offers a combination of a high variety of food.

The name of this restaurant was derived from a book of poetry named Shahnameh, by the great Persian poet Ferdowsi, in which he talks about Haft Khan. Haft Khan means seven stages or seven stories that Rostam, one of the main heroes of this book, had to pass through to free his king from the prison. At each stage which was called a Khan, he had to fight the difficulties that he faced. In Persian, the word Khan also means table linen, on which food is served. Thus, there is a delicate play of words between Khan (table linen) and Khan (stage).

This complex is made of seven restaurants on different floors:


  • The First Khan (Forood) Basement, Iranian Traditional Food

This section has used a mixture of Islamic muqarnas and modern architecture in its interior design and traditional food is served with good music.


  • The Second Khan (Sindokht) ground floor, Iranian Traditional food in an all-you-can-eat buffet 

The very same foods of the first khan are served in an all-you-can-eat buffet. There’s a Sangak (A famous Iranian bread) bakery on this floor and we suggest that you stop and take a moment to watch the method of this old baker and try a piece of hot and freshly baked traditional Iranian bread. Don’t forget to tip the baker.


  • The third and Fourth Khan (Belyan and Zarir) First Floor, Fast food and coffee shop

Different types of pizza, sandwiches, and fried chicken are served here.


  • The Fifth Khan (Nofell) Second floor, restaurant of Nations

This restaurant has the best foods of 30 different counties on its menu and is the most expensive restaurant in the whole complex.


  • The Sixth Khan (Gysia) Second Floor, Café

The beautifully designed Café in this section is ready to receive honorable guests like you.


  • The Seventh Khan (Garsivaz) Rooftop, barbeque

By choosing a table that has the best view of the city of Shiraz, you can order from the various kinds of Kebab and enjoy eating it.


Tips on How to get there

As you enter the city from Quran Gate, there’s a boulevard on your right side. Having passed about 500 meters of this boulevard, you can see Haft Khan Restaurant.


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