Dowlat Aabad, a Garden with the Highest Wind Tower
MP.Dowlat Abad Garden Yazd

Dowlat Aabad Garden of Yazd is located in the northern part of the city, 3 kilometers away from Amir Chakhmaq Square. It is famous for its wind tower which is the tallest wind tower made of adobe in the world. It is 33.8 meters high. This garden is registered in the list of Persian Gardens in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Dowlat Aabad Garden was built during the Afsharid Dynasty in 1736. For building this building, first a qanat with the length of 65 kilometers was constructed and water was brought to this garden from the city of Mehriz. The garden’s area is 7 hectares and there exist in the north of the building a big fish pound, wind tower, and some grapevines and pomegranate trees. Presently, the water of the garden is supplied from a semi-deep well.

A very important building with a lot of visitors is the octagonal building which is located on the right side of the entrance. This building includes a wind tower, a Harem, a watchtower, etc. Its most important part is the octagonal building which has the adobe wind tower and is the best location in Yazd to be familiar with the function of the wind towers.

If you are interested to be around people, you’d better plan to see this site in the evening because it has a lot of visitors who you can chat with. Also, this time allows you to use the height of the tree’s shades in the evening and take beautiful pictures of the garden, buildings, famous wind tower of Dowlat Aabad garden and the colorful Orsis (beautiful Persian windows with colorful glasses).

  • Tips on How to Take Photos in Dowlat Aabad Garden: 

 Colorful glasses are used in this building good for taking lots of selfies and photos. After seeing this structure go to the second floor and take a look at Dowlat Aabad garden and the surroundings. Watch the stairs!

In the end, go to the garden’s coffee shop and restaurant and drink local drinks and rest on the garden’s benches. You will surely find a lot of things to see but we suggest that you find Iranian friend groups and talk to them. You’ll find people to chitchat. Hospitality runs in Iranian blood. 

  • Visit hours: 8- 21
  • Visit days: 7 days a week

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