If you would like to get familiar with people’s daily life in your trip to Iran, the best way is to go to shopping centers and entertainment districts. There are traditional and modern bazaars in Tajrish Square. The traditional part with a traditional and roofed atmosphere has lots of stores. The grocery stores are one of the most interesting sections. It has all the seasonal fruits in Iran. Outside the bazaar and next to Tajrish Square is a restaurant selling “Aash” and “Halim”. Aash is in fact a kind of soup which is made of beans and vegetables and Halim is a very delicious mixture of meat and wheat. Moreover, in this square, near the metro station lies a good place where serves many local dishes such as “Kufte” and “Dolme”.

  • The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar of Tehran is a very good place for watching people’s behavior without being noticed. The excessive crowdedness of this region causes people’s excessive effort and running about. The majority of the country’s financial and political activities are done in this bazaar…

Winding corridors, annular barrel vault and traditional ventilators have gained a different shape with the daily development of this bazaar. Public places are built in different row and each row is allocated to a particular guild.
Tourists and foreign diplomats have regarded the roofed bazaar of Tehran as one of the most attractive destinations of the country.

  • How to Reach the Grand Bazaar

To get to the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, as we explained in the section related to Golestan Palace, the best way is to use the subway (called Metro in Iran) from your nearest station to Panzdah-e-Khordad Subway Station.